A Novice Instacart Shopper

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Jane Rider, rideshareguides.com As an entrepreneur and a person to try something new every now and then, I signed up to become an Instacart shopper, following a referral link, of course. If you are interested, you can do the same. In this blog, I describe the sign-up process and training, and jot down my beginner experiences as a... more →
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What Does The New Uber Tipping Policy Mean for Uber Drivers?

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I recently received an email from Uber stating in the subject line of the email “Our Commitment to You”.  When I received this email, I immediately opened it and read what Uber had to say. Drivers don’t get many emails from Uber with concerns about its drivers . So, I knew this had to be a special email from Uber. Footnote:... more →
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Who Gets the Instacart Tips (gratuity) from Customers, the Instacart Shopper or Instacart? You will be surprised…

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Did you know as an Instacart customer how Instacart handles Instacart tips you leave in the app? Your shopper performs your weekly task of grocery shopping for you, which makes life so much easier. Yet your shopper is actually not getting the Instacart tips that you leave on the Instacart App in certain markets. If you are not familiar... more →
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The Amazon-Whole Foods Deal May Revolutionize The Way We Grocery Shop

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Jane Rider, rideshareguides.com The biggest news this Friday was the Amazon-Whole Foods deal. This piece of news shocked the grocery retail sector as much as it did the stock exchange. Grocery retail industry has become problematic with too much competition saturating the existing markets. How does the Amazon-Whole Foods deal affect... more →
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