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Before sharing updates on our Flexible Workplace Model, which applies to US corporate employees, we want to acknowledge, recognize, and share our deep gratitude to the DoorDash employees who, due to their roles and responsibilities, have continued to operate in-person as essential workers. This work is invaluable to the success of our stakeholders, and their efforts play a vital role in moving the DoorDash business forward on behalf of local economies every day. 

At DoorDash, we foster a culture of innovation, tackling new challenges across our business to quickly build, test, and learn. This outlook is shared in everything we do, from how we build new products to building the best organization to support our people and the work we do together.

Following our commitment last summer to offer flexibility in how we work, we listened to our employees and updated our approach to what we feel is right for our business: the Flexible Workplace Model.

“In many ways, whether COVID-19 occurred or not, we would be evolving how we work. As a growing organization with offices across the world and teams distributed across cities, we will continue to iterate. And as with all things at DoorDash, we will always aim to improve and keep getting better.”Tony Xu, Co-Founder and CEO of DoorDash

Our working model is built on a few guiding principles: the value of in-person connections, our shared customer obsession, and the advantages we’ve had in attracting and retaining amazing people. We truly believe that what is uniquely DoorDash is not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather a nimble model that is right for groups of employees who are innovating without the hindrance of geography. 

DoorDash’s Flexible Workplace Model will give teams the ability to decide how they want to leverage in-person and remote work. We know that some teams will greatly benefit from more time together in-person, solving complex problems, learning within a community, and celebrating wins together. Rather than requiring employees to work in an office for a set number of days, we recognize that elements of both in-person and remote work will differ depending on how distributed each team is, and the nature of each team’s work. 

In the last two years, we’ve expanded our global footprint and hired incredible talent to accelerate our growing business and vision. We will continue to recruit in, near, and outside of our Hubs – offices with 100+ people, where teams are building strategic functions and initiatives, and where most employees live today – to ensure that we are hiring the next generation of builders for DoorDash.

Our vision for the future ahead

DoorDash’s mission to grow and empower local communities comes to life when we invest in bringing people together, physically and virtually. We’ll build around that by reimagining our offices and introducing compelling and collaborative in-person experiences that meet our various teams’ needs.

“Relationships are foundational to building trust, which is required to build an enduring culture and organization. To me, building relationships is a must in enabling us to create a place that can achieve excellence, have fun, and endure.”Tony Xu, Co-Founder and CEO of DoorDash

Human connection is vital to our future. We value the social, emotional, and intellectual connections that take place face-to-face, and we will continue to succeed by focusing on driving impact, which is built upon the trust that our teams have forged. We’ve found that when we are thoughtful and intentional about our interactions – virtually or in-person – our culture is stronger, and we are better together.

If you’re interested in learning more about what life is like at DoorDash – whether it’s near one of our Hubs or fully remote, click here to view open job opportunities.

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