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I recently received an email from Uber stating in the subject line of the email “Our Commitment to You”.  When I received this email, I immediately opened it and read what Uber had to say. Drivers don’t get many emails from Uber with concerns about its drivers . So, I knew this had to be a special email from Uber. Footnote: I received this email from Uber on Tue, June 20, 2017. The very same day that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down as chief executive of Uber  that he help found in 2009. Due to the non-backing from shareholders made it difficult for Mr. Kalanick to remain as CEO. I found it rather funny it took 8 years for the company to start incorporating Uber tipping on the Uber passenger application.

Tipping is an American way of showing gratitude for a good service provided.  Most Americans tip after receiving good service after a great meal. We tip the valet driver and we tip our barber or hairdresser after a great job on our due.  Why would we not tip the driver who takes us to our destination? So I ask why did it take the resignation of Mr. Kalanick to make Uber tipping on the app a reality?

As I mentioned previously, Uber sending all its drivers this email was something special.  Take a look at the email for yourself:

Our Commitment to You

If you look at the email that Uber sent, pay attention to who in the company sent out this email. They were Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager, US & Canada at Uber, and Aaron Schildkrout, Head of Driver Product at Uber. We learn that this new tipping business model wasn’t from the departing CEO. It was  actually from the board of directors of Uber. If your were unaware, Uber does have 6 vacant  executive jobs, as well as no active CEO. So the timing of the email in regards to the old Uber tipping policy made it dubious to understand who is making this major change for the culture for both passengers as well as the well deserving Uber driver.

Check out a fellow vlogger Professor’s Youtube post on the new rideshareguides.com/vlog site. He really breaks down how this change in Uber tipping policy will affect the thousands of Uber drivers in the United States.

I want to thank my fellow bloggers and vloggers who have and continue put the pressure on these Smartphone Application Workforce SAW corporations.  They treat their workforce as second and third priority assets, which we all working in the community know should not be the case. These companies depend on the SAW to continue to make their millions upon millions of dollars every year.

We, the workforce, are here attempting to bring better lives for our families. It can hurt when you partner with these large companies and they deny you money you have worked hard for. Imagine that for a moment, if we as a community came together to make a change. That is why I felt compelled to put together a network of sites, RSGNetwork, at rideshareguides.com geared to assist the newest member to our veteran members. A community where we can come together. Learn from one another and have a voice in this billion dollar in industry of the Smartphone Application Workforce that is going on every day.

Stay tuned, we have just began. To have a voice, become a member of RSGNetwork. Remember, there is strength in numbers…

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