008 Uber SF Bay Area Surge Strategy and New Driver Tips

Shanna Rhodes UBER PILOT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBdDf-UkX97WOlZZ_p0rpg
Come drive with me! Up to $1,000+ sign up bonus!
Bonus link: http://ubr.to/2aUchnr
Bonus Code: 00tphue
Email for details : uberpilotnet@yahoo.com

San Francisco Bay Area Uber Driver
Cessna 172 Pilot

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  1. I enjoyed your video. ive been driving for uber & lyft for 3 years now.. ive found surge as a right time right place aspect but i stopped fishing for surge and focus on 120 trips per week for the bonus. uber pool/ cal train and bart during morning and afternoon commute are great for multiple small transactions to start your week. My super helpful tip for new drivers would be for driving on the freeway while waiting for a ping or while on an uber pool trip… stay to the right and always be ready to exit.. gps isn't always accurate and sometimes books a ride too late to take the correct off ramp.. #gas&time.consuming
    ps. ur cute ..id be down to get a sandwich lol