#1 Advice For New Uber Drivers Who Want To Make Money

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This video is the number one piece of advice for new Uber drivers that want to make more money in the Rideshare business. Getting training not only helps with success of a new driver, but it helps cut down on wasting time.

Here is the link I mentioned about the Uber Passenger App

Get MY Uber MONEY SECRETS – http://thesimpledriver.com/uber-success-course/

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  1. New Driver, 3 weeks ago. I have an ANDROID phone. It has none of the features you talk about.[ or I don't know how to use them].What  phone should I use?    .{ Virginia }I see the surge, but just before I get a PING, the surge goes almost away.I also drove a bit for Lyft, but after yesterday, no longer.  From now on, it's UBER all the way. I can only drive 2 or 3 days a week. I have to drive 45b miles to get a ping, then rides are 3 to 6 miles, sometimes 18 minutes apart. Last night in VA beach uber note popped up saying  rider is closer, I said ok, the ride turned out to be 3 miles. I made $350. I only wonder how far the other ride would have gone. 19 rides, $112. only 2 real nice tips ( drunk people)  For me, this is not a money making deal. I drive empty to and fro. No destination feather in VA yet. I subscribed today. Thank you. Fix

  2. Great videos, Calvin! All makes "cents" to me. You have a great business mind & attitude. I just started driving for Lyft but am changing over to Uber because they're better known. I have been so upset with the lack of training they both have. I don't want to be out there just "spinning my wheels". I appreciate all the great advice/strategies you are putting out there. THANK YOU, CALVIN!!!

  3. I just started with Uber 3 weeks ago. Atlanta is busy anyway.. I can see why you are making so much money. (Kudos to you!) 🙂 What do you have to say about the cities that aren't that busy. Also in Cleveland there are no bonuses, for example if you hit 100 rides in a month. They only have the surge fee. When I drive to head over to those pink and red areas (surge), the pink and red areas goes away. I say to myself, "I drive to this area for nothing." What are some of the other ways I can increase my earning. All I can see is me driving and putting the money I have earn for gas. Wander if I made the correct decision. I would like to here opinion, comments and suggestions. 🙂

  4. I hope you feel better Calvin. Thanks so much for your videos…I am down with bronchitis and sick too… This is a great video… Any thoughts on Uber adding taking cash as an option? that scares me a bit especially if criminals know you might have cash on hand

  5. I think that you are amazing and have got it going on, you are a business man and obviously going in the right direction with your life and I do not even know you. I'm sure its difficult but don't worry about the negative that people say. I wanted to make extra money and thought about getting started with Uber and totally untrained went out on my first ride last night, thank god my girlfriend was with me. I totally was unprepared and I need to start by learning about all the technology in itself because I do not use waze, I had signed up for it and never learned hot to use it. long story short you just showed me a whole different perspective and everything you said is top notch…5 thumbs up

    I will share your videos and thank you so much for sharing with me and other people.

  6. I've been driving for a month now part time because I work nights. I also got my vehicle through the lease xchange so I really am only making enough to cover the car. I see the potential though. Should I quit my night job and just go all in with this?

  7. I'm loving this. I am not on the road yet (just signed up yesterday with Lyft) but this training is wonderful. I have learned so much already. The Waze app video is free money and it gives me a way to make money without working very late nights or dealing with drunk people all of the time which was my worry. Education is the key. With what I have learned I have already avoid some basic mistakes. I work full time but I'm off at 4:30 in a busy part of my city, now I know, I will be working the evening rush hour near work before I head home. My original plan was to come home and then start. I would have lost money. I would have figured it out but that would have taken at least a month. I live close to downtown which is a nice gaunt to LAX. I learned from another video. Get the first people to the airport and get back downtown ASAP, don't wait in the cell lot until the morning run is done. I now know this is how my Sundays are going to be. I am an early riser, I don't mind being up at 4 or 5 am. Get the east coast business travelers who are leaving LA on the early flights to get to their destinations on the east coast at decent time. Education allows me to plan. My strategy may not work, I'll have to see but like you say…drive with a purpose :)!

  8. Hi calvin thanks buddy for making this kinda video. Bro i am from India mumbai and i have booked maruti wagon r its a hatchback car so is it good for income and second question is i am a owner of a car and my driver will run the car so how much money i can get in week .