$159 IN 3.5 HOURS | DoorDash & Postmates Delivery Apps | YUUUUGE Tips – Better Than Uber!

I explain how I was able to earn $159 in just 3.5 hours using the DoorDash and Postmates delivery apps. I’m a veteran driver in Los Angeles and this is what I’ve discovered!
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Please watch: “MY DOORDASH NIGHT RECAP | $105, 8 Deliveries, 28 Miles | It’s All About The Tips!”



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  1. I am 20 years old and I know to be a uber and lyft you have to be 21 I have been doing research on food delivery apps and noticed that GrubHub is 19+ , postmates doesn`t really say. Also can you give feed back on other delivery job opportunities like instacart, uber food, door dash, and grubhub? Im debating on which to do and or if they even allow 20yr olds to do it

  2. who do you like better? DD or PM? I was/am an Uber driver but was in an accident (not my fault). And it was a rental. well now I only have a minivan available and I'm not sure I want that for food delivery or get a newer car and back with Uber. I'm in Fort Lauderdale. Need just a little advise. I could maybe use your codes to sign up

  3. Ezra, good stuff. Make sure your referral links are valid. Tried POSTMATES three times to no avail. I was expecting your referral code will be entered automatically. I wanna be able to pay for your effort. thanks 3109863378

  4. Signing up for Postmates and DealDash, so I need your referral codes so you can get a bonus for referring ME. YOU deserve the bonus, as it was YOU that was the ONLY one that opened the door for all of the delivery apps. Thanks a million..

  5. Very informative video. It should go without saying that it isn't always this way, it's hit and miss. I've been doing this full time and have been able to get awesome orders here and there, but my acceptance rating is at 60%, I simply refuse to drive far to earn little.

  6. WARNING WARNING ——–I am assuming postmates is stealing your tips
    ….everyone should try this. Have the friend place an order while you wait for the pickup. If the order is assigned to another courier have your friend cancel the order. If successful compare payout and tips to what the friend has to pay. OR place an order yourself and close out the order with the courier there and compare payout and tips (assuming they aren't a goody two shoes).

  7. I have read the apps reviews. and a lot of people say that they all problems with the apps all the time. Can't log in, can't receive any orders, receive orders without letting them know, their support is terrible, they don't solve their problems. Do you have the same problems?

  8. Hey bro I am a full time student in University I been doing this now for 6 month it been ok not the best work however just wanted to know what app is there for me to track my miles on android please let me know

  9. DoorDash is getting worse, I'm not sure why..I used to get easy schedules when i first started 4 months ago, but now I cant work when I want to at all, they've gotta update or change their system.
    I just started working today for Postmates today, not bad so far.

  10. DoorDash launches in Las Vegas on January 18th and I had the orientation today. I have been doing Postmates for 2 months, but with no local manager and absolutely no driver support, it's pretty bad when a situation arises and nothing can be done to rectify it. Many of us are going over to DoorDash.