$1600 Postmates Caviar Amazon Flex Uber Lyft Driver makes record money in bad economy. How I do it!

Here’s a little video for those wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to! Sorry if it’s not what you’re expecting but this is how I was feeling today. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. so true, aweso me vlog.been having issues with uber.and uber pool blows.lol.i told uber what's up..lol.live the vid. keep on rocki n
    do you have cameras in your car. When giving ride s?

  2. hey you know what you should do. you should…. enjoy your life! right there with you on the alcoholics thing lol. dont even drink myself. that's why when I did Uber I switched to morning. I just got bored of it and didn't work enough and went back to a labor job Workin in a kitchen at a grocery store. but I want to do Post mates on top of that. I miss delivering. it was fun. meet so many people. girls… lol. good exercise when you're not sitting lol. appreciate your videos. wish you could have a bit more happiness and have less bitterness because I want good things for people. but you seem like a cool guy. good for you for making that much money in a week. damn. most I made delivering for a place called takeout triad, which is like grub hub. but a local thing, was 700 dollars. hope I can make more than that In less the time. that was almost 11 hours a day 7 days a week for 11 months. uhgg.

  3. like your videos lots of great info my question for you is I do flex prime now and Amazon restaurants and I have no issues bringing my wife with me. she just signed up for flex logistics and is worried about pick up at station do think they would let me accompany her in the building to help her load and scan her packages on her first day on the job just to get her started. Thanks again for great videos.

  4. Great ! Right on about cars and depreciation and cost . Making money ? when and how as far works g different times and apps to feed your family and keep the wheel moving is best advice ….. still waiting to hear that SUBARU is going to sponsor you in Portland as it is best car ? for all weather driving ?. Thank you ? for your funny videos ?✅

  5. This is dark knight. Had to do a name change.What's up brotha. Glad your back. Finally got the courage to sign up for Amazon Flex. It's nice and steady in California. Honestly I thank you. For your inspiration. Glad your still hustling.