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  1. Good morning, sorry for putting this here but the phone number and the Mystro Support, just sucks. I signed for the beta version of the app, then with it came the time to pay, I pay for the full year at the discount rate for using the beta which was $45, today I get a receipt for $99.95 for the year, I call twice to the number that shows there and after waiting for half hour the connected me to other driver waiting, WTF? and when I tried to go online to the so called Mystro Support and it only have some articles, not how to contact them with any issues, What should I do? Thanks

  2. So Im not sure where to report this, I tried the link in your description but I drive for Uber/Lyft here in chicago and when I first started to use mystro once it went paid I set the pax rating to 4.0. in chicago they dont show us the pax rating for uber so it would deny everything based on ratings, it works flawlessly for lyft though. I now set the rating to off for uber but it still lets the requests ping instead of auto accepting. If you could forward this to Mystro support, or if you know whats going wrong it would be a great help.