20 Uber Driver Questions That Make Money

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If you are Rideshare driving or looking into becoming an Uber driver you will come across one of the following questions below. Depending on how you answer them will determine rather you maintain high ratings and can maximize you income. As an Uber driver you are a business owner and must always think like one. This video explains how I handle my riders and control the conversation in my car to increase income. I am able to forge relationships, sell my personal photography services and garner frequent and large tips.

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Here are the 20 Questions:

1. How long have you been driving?
2. How much money do you make?
3. How did you become an Uber driver?
4. Where are you from?
5. How long have you been in city?
6. Do you like driving for Uber?
7. What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you?
8. Do you get Bad passengers?
9. Is Uber driving dangerous?
10. Anyone ever vomit I your car?
11. Can I smoke in here?
12. Can I bring this drink in?
13. How much do you drive?
14. How is your day going?
15. Did you just start driving today?
16. Do you have a phone charger?
17. Do you have any gum in here?
18. Do you know where I’m going?
19. How long is this ride going to be?
20. How much is this going to cost?

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  1. Hey Calvin, I wish I would have known about you before I started driving for Uber. I have learned sooooo much from you. I am taking my time to listen and watch each and everyone of your videos over and over again. Every time I do; I find something else interesting that I didn't notice before. I am a school teacher and I am user Uber for supplementing my income. The next thing I will do is to get an Uber webpage. So far and in the 4 days I have done uber my ratings are nothing but 5 stars. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Calvin — Thanks dude!  Great channel and great ideas.  I've been considering driving for a while now and just watched some video saying how bad it was.  You countered every point; your "treat it like you're a business, not like you're an employee" is THE answer.  When I do it you'll have my referral, for sure!

  3. once again thank you Calvin I enjoyed video preciate the advice and some of the information is fresh to me and you're right I've been asked all of those questions I must say 60% of them have answered correctly but now I can do that stay bless keep them coming

  4. I use Google Maps instead of Waze because it tells me which lane to be in. When I do not have a PAX I switch to Waze for the social notifications. Also learning the Passenger app and teaching them how to use it will help get that 5th star.

  5. Man!!!! I love listening to your videos. You are so informative and helpful. You experience have saved me some much time. I just started driving for Lyft a week ago and because of you I won't have to learn the hard way, or find out something months into my rides and say I wish I knew this when I started. You're the bomb you videos are priceless. Thank you for all the time you spend putting these together and assisting your fellow drivers. I wish you much success in 2017.

  6. So Mr. Calvin, how would I start my website for the Uber thing. I just signed up for Uber and am waiting for acceptance. I have to watch more of your videos, watched two and are very informative so far.

  7. I have a quick question. What does your business card have on it? I am just starting out and I am making one and was not sure to put on it. I know my website and email and comp name but what else? Thanks

  8. Why would I want more Uber drivers in my area ? I get you make the bulk of your money from referrals But all it does is hurt us all in the long run My area is flooded with drivers surges dont last more then 15 mins What your doing is hurting your fellow drivers By not being honest The real money days with Uber are gone Yes there are good nights but they are rare

  9. Hey Calvin, I'm starting my 3rd week as an Uber driver. I've got a 2016 Nissan Sentra Black and I've already had a broad range of riders from high school kids to uniformed police officers, firefighters and even one A-hole passenger, lol. I love your videos, they are the real deal and have helped me make the best of my situation (lost my job 3 weeks ago). I also signed up for the Uber delivery program to see what that'll be like. Are you going to do videos for that or do you just stick with driving passengers?

  10. Yay, Calvin! Sign up more and more and more drivers. Don't be part of the problem, BE THE PROBLEM.
    Dude, you're gross. You're sitting there trying to sign people up while at the same time you're actively undermining their ability to make money doing it.
    You're a fraud. A scam artist.

  11. Calvin, Love your channel buddy. I'm a Atlanta transplant living in Charleston now. It's been tough making good money here, but I'm watching all of your vids for tips and tricks. Love the Waze app! What's the app you recommended for mileage? I can't figure out which video that was in. Thanks!

  12. Do you even hear yourself? Manipulation of people will make you money. It will kill your soul. It's not about the money. It's about helping people. Wake up man. You are just a money hungry manipulation machine. Your life will never be joyous.

  13. no matter what you do %99.9 uber riders don't give a tips I got 4.95 ratings after 3489 rides with uber my total tips maybe $50 last 2 years with lyft I got 5.☆ ratings after 3017 rides for sure with lyft I made some tips everyday .

  14. Can I make good money with Uber Eats? I don't have a four door car for giving rides and I'm not looking for one nor leasing one. I'm living paycheck to paycheck right now working two full time jobs. I make $11/hr at day job and $17.50/hr at night job. I have a ton of debt I'm trying to pay off which is why I work so much and I don't see any of it in my pocket. I have a 2011 BMW 335is which is my baby, I love it and I still need to pay it off. Can Uber EATS replace my day job, night job or maybe even both jobs? Thanks a lot, if you reply and hopefully I'll get notified if you do reply.

  15. ever think of doing anything else on a big scale to help people and make more money in one month then you do in a year ? if so shot me a message of were I can email you and we can talk over the phone. I can't promise you anything just mite be able to open a door for you. make it a great day.

  16. Calvin, you are the Coolestdude.com bro! I don't take much interest in sitting and watching tutorials but I feel this Uber opportunity and you have my full attention. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share and help others like me get a piece of this American Pie while the getting is good. You sir are a true blooded human being and a great American!

  17. Great topic, Calvin. You were spot on with the FAQs for Uber drivers. Good advice. The connection between rider questions and ratings is obvious, but I never seriously thought about it. You have positively influenced my interactions with passengers. One other thing, I just started keeping business cards with my promo code on the console between the front seats, so backseat passengers can easily grab them.