(2016) What I make driving UBER and LYFT 1,000 a week

1,000 a week driving LYFT and UBER come aboard there’s enough room. LYFT and UBER giving bonus right now lucky you. Just click bonus links. I only do UBER x

LYFT BONUS – http://www.lyft.com/drivers/TERRY312861

UBER BONUS – https://partners.uber.com/i/h7eyam17v

My day by day work ethnic to $800 – $1,000

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  1. had to do 1 more post…for those who break down the cost after oil changes, tires, car wash etc..well first off if you work a 9 to 5 job and drive your car to work and then home..maybe a movie..dinner and grocery store don't you still do oil change on your car..don't you get your washed..do routine maintenance? if you drive smart it isn't a huge increase..you don't get oil changes every month your not buying tires every month? think of it like this because uber drivers are "self employed" you have expenses in order to run your business..just like if you owned a McDonald's or starbucks there are expenses related to your business. .you need to be smart about your driving so that you can keep expenses minimal and profit high

  2. thanks for the the video Terry…the money is out there..im in Los Angeles Cali Killin a 1k a week..People be smart about this opportunity don't just turn on the app and go..learn your market..know when and where you can find busy times.. (airports, concerts, games, etc.)

  3. Bunches of video like this coming out. Even though I do like your positiveness however YOU DID NOT MENTION 2 factors:
    _ how much gas you spent driving with these hours ( 300 / week as average)
    _ time you waiting on the rides + Time you drive to pick up ( sometimes it almost 50% of the time you transport them )
    Adding these 2 together now.. To lots of ppl who have been educated and smart. .is it really worthy? spending 130 hrs/ week .. suffer all high temperature, being in the car all day.. smoky .. burn your car. .destroy the millage .. GET PAID 6 or 7 / hours??? sacrifice all the way?
    _ Nothing personal, I like you Terry but for some only got highschool as their highest education level, MIGHT FALL INTO THIS CRAP
    goodluck buddy

  4. Man I was laid off of work and drove for uberX.  Yeah you show 1000 for the week but how much did you spend on gas?  How many oil changes do you get?  How many carwashes?  How much you spend on tires and breaks?  Let alone the depreciation on your vehicle.  You have to weigh everything out.  Once you really look at it you are making about 8.00 an hour driving your own vehicle around.  I just bought new tires and many of the miles on those tires were from Uber.  It KILLS YOUR CAR.  Those are really hard miles on your vehicle.