2017 Taxes – Everything you NEED to Know!!!

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  1. Hey Randy, great video! I enjoy most of the videos, a few that wouldn't care for, but as a whole you make great videos!

    My only suggestion on this particular video Randy, is that you had too much going on in the background…theMustang car changing on your computer and the top banners rotating too much. I found it too distracting and taking away from if your information you are providing.

    Just thought you might want to hear a positive comment.

  2. all mileage can be written off except the first trip leaving your driveway. what I do is stop at 7-11 which is .2 of a mile. then all rest till you pull back in for the night. cpa advise there. Saved my butt in my audit with IRS

  3. Quick question Uberman, does getting a dealership car just for driving for uber/lyft count for deductions?? I mainly use my new car 90 percent uber/lyft and 10 percent personal. And I gave a 3 thousand dollar down payment for it. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Randy for the info great video your mileage should be easy to keep track of from what I can see you are a retired uber driver nothing wrong that you and millions of people finally figured out you can't make money where the money is reporting and views on your Channel and let's not forget about your referrals to these poor newbies ? happy retirement and uber on

  5. Valuable information.

    Is there someone I can hire to just track and differentiate the things I can can't claim on my taxes?

    And so, I should start saving all my receipts. Right? Keep them in a binder and give them to the tax guy?

  6. No matter how much corporate image rehab Uber goes through during the next 180 day, they will never release a video that is this helpful to drivers. This message and many other Uberman videos should be required watching for all rideshare drivers. #Uberman4CEO