21 Reasons To Drive for Uber (7 and 21 are my favorites)

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Here are the 21 reasons to drive for Uber. Starting your own business can be difficult, but signing up to drive for Uber is pretty simple especially if you have been…


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  1. I think federal legislation will come out to help ride share drivers to be treated like employees rather than contractors to level the playing field. I am watching as a customer to make sure these people are treated correctly. Friends of mine do this and struggle. You may not but others do. My work treats me well as an employee such that I can regularly support ride share with tipping and it makes me sad to hear the personal stories of the struggle after paying very well for this service.

  2. Thanks for the new tips.
    I built my webpage for rideshare and have had sponsored content on there. Without you helping me build it I would have missed out on some small but different source of income .

    I did a video on 4 ways to make money without driving and your content helped me create it!

  3. #21 Lolla came to town and I posted in a Uber fb Group " Let's go Saves Lives" This is exactly what I meant! Many understood and other stated, we are not heroes. To which I replied, My car Theme is Wonder Woman. All I need is a ping! #21

  4. BTW I am one of ur original followers I use to do lift and Uber for a year have a 4.95 rating on both apps with over 50,000 rides I reside in Jacksonville FL where no one really have money and no one tip the pay for example 20 mile trip paid 16 dollars customers want u to be their counselor and make them feel comfortable in ur car when they have all ur personal information I have put 62,000 miles on my car I have not made ever 48,000 and in Jacksonville no one care about ur website or becoming a driver from ur code it's all about timing and I followed ur rules and only thing I got was good rating damage to my car and a headache

  5. I love the positive attitude you always display in your vids Calvin. I agree with you on everything especially #21. I've helped many people get home safely as I prefer only driving at night. I feel so good when I hear "Don you saved my life".