After my first 5,000 miles or so doing rideshare I decided to share my top tips. The number 1 tip I can give is to tell drivers to get a tablet. A larger screen will help them navigate the roads easier and see possible short cuts or wrong Google instructions.

Tip number 2 would be to get an earpiece and keep the navigation voice in your ear and not part of the general conversation in the car. At the start of the ride I check with the passenger to verify their destination and the root Google has laid out. They can make changes as needed if they want.

Tip number 3 is get a camera! In the transportation business they are called taxi-cams. The better taxi cams will record both in and out of the vehicle.

Tip number 4 is to use a rental car if you are going to do this full time. Pay the upfront fee for the rental and skip all the maintenance and high insurance costs.

Just loving this Lyft Hertz Program!

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  1. I went through many videos of yours and you are just awesome. Your video will help many many drivers who wants to drive for Lyft. I have been driving for Lyft more than an year and I still didn't know many things you said lol ? anyways you have lots of info for the rental program. I am gonna try this week and let me see how it goes. Thanks ??