Welcome to a new series of possibly as many as 20 videos around the idea of bettering passenger and driver relations. Each tip will perhaps lead to a better understanding of how a driver for Uber Or Lyft might perceive certain actions.

Here is tip # 1 for riders – Know where you are going! It has happened more than once that the passenger had almost no idea of where they needed to go. Like this dude that I ranted about.

I was however very nice and patient. So tip one is simple… Know the physical name and address for the place your are going.


Just loving this Lyft Hertz Program!

Join Lyft Here: https://www.lyft.com/drivers/THOMAS480533

Thanks for watching! You can visit http://www.TomsLyft.com or http://iwanttotravelto.com/tomslyft-welcome-denver-lyft-hertz-journey/ which is the main section all about my Lyft-Hertz-Denver adventures.

Here are some other resources that may interest you…

Learn about Cancun side of Mexico (100 miles): http://iwanttotravelto.com/discover-the-general-cancun-area-100-mile-radius/ (More than 1000 videos)

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I am also building a page about the top fun things to do in Denver. I am just now collecting ideas, essays, pictures and videos to share. You can participate or see how that page is going here: http://iwanttotravelto.com/learn-about-denver-colorado/

Learn about travel & vacation promotions: http://iwanttotravelto.com/our-vacation-club-timeshare-promotions/

Thanks for watching!!! Join Lyft Here: https://www.lyft.com/drivers/THOMAS480533


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