3/9/17 Live Q&A – Uber News, Mystro, Pax Damage, Delivery Services and more!

In this Live Q&A, we cover all the latest bad news about Uber, a new app called Mystro, passenger damage to vehicles, delivery services and more!

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  1. Hey harry I like your videos & podcasts. I been driving since 2013. U keep mentioning that we are business owners. Honestly these days we are far from business owners. Uber just keeps us as contractors to avoid paying taxes and other expenses. I duno any business owners that have so many rules set for them or they get deactivated. It's so sad what happened to this industry. Craziest part is there is more people driving for pennies than ever. Young people who can get good jobs but Are to lazy and rAther drive 13 hours a day for 200$ before expenses or even worse delivering food in Uber eats might as well go work for Pizza Hut

  2. I wasn't shocked by Kalaniks behavior at all.

    I would love to see Travis come and try to drive for Uber X and survive in my apartment, pay the rent, bills and everything else including my car payment, gas and tires for one month on the fares that I get from Uber X.

    The driver did not push him. That was the ONLY chance he had and will probably have to get his answers.
    I would rate him a one star also just on the fact of the lack of communication and gaf's about the drivers.
    I would ask him to go to the airport parking lot and talk to each driver individually so he could hear what we need from Uber so we can actually survive.

  3. Would you recommend getting a business license if you don't have business insurance for your car? Seems like it would make it easier for the insurance company to find you use your car as a business.

  4. @therideshareguy lyft cancels the ride not the customer. the app automatically gives the ride to a closer driver if you are taking too long. it is not the customer that cancels i have seen it happen with my 2 eyes this is facts. just thought you should know.

  5. Mystro is a good idea, but it's extremely buggy at this time. It's got a long way to go before it can become a paid app. If they're going to make it a paid app, they should make it a one-time payment. There's no way I would pay a monthly subscription just for what it does. It wouldn't be worth it. At least not to me.

  6. In Daytona Beach Florida we are dealing with a major issue. Spring break is here and the very clever passengers are calling for an UberX when they have more than 4 passengers. Like every other state it is the legal to carry more than the amount of seatbelts to your vehicle has. I contacted Uber requesting a cancellation fee and I was denied. Is there something that I'm doing wrong so I can be paid the minimum fair because I get my portion of the job of showing up to pick them up. It happened 13 times to me in the last four days

  7. I use MYSTRO for Uber/LYFT apps like in this Video its in Beta Testing and they need testers …I highly recommend it, their should be a video made on it …. it has its bugs but it is in testing ..get it asap ! Thanks RG