4 Things to Avoid w/ Doordash Pay By Hour aka Earn by Time 2024

4 Things That’ll Having You Hating Doordash Pay By Hour or Earn By Time

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Top 5 Essential Items Every Doordash Driver…


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  1. You do get peak pay with EBT, and DD assumes you can do two orders per hour. So they basically just double the peak pay and add that to your EBT pay rate. I had a $5 peak pay for a few hours a couple weeks back and got $16/active hour…and five orders.

  2. I almost always only do ebt, this avoids all the $2 deliveries and all my deliveries are $5-8 or higher (but today i got a good set 6 stacked orders in a row each further then the last distance wise i made about $80 in 4.5 hours….60 miles drove) but…if i get a corporate delivery (say a advance auto part delivery for example) tips arnt allowed on those and i almost always loose money on those as most of the time the deliveries go to a garage which is under a mile….and ebt means almost no pay for that amount of time…..i turn those down but alot of times 2 or more show up in a row…..so in my opinion ebt is more reliable pay but its far from perfect.i currently have a 80% acceptance rate and a 99% completion rate and a 4.89 customer rating.

  3. Earn by time is so odd to me. You would think that it would be best for long distance orders, since they take the most time, but nearly half of that time is the return trip, which you don't get paid for. So ironically, it's most worth it for short distance orders (or orders that have a high likelihood of a return order, but those are pretty rare in my experience). It's just not worth it in my opinion, at least how it works currently.