$410 in one day with Wingz Uber Lyft Postmates Amazon flex. The opportunity is real!

Quick rundown on the different amounts I made with the apps and encouragement for the drivers who haven’t yet been able to get on board with these opportunities. Just keep trying and hang in there!

Meet AppDrivenGuy in person and have me take you to the airport! Download the WINGZ app in Google Play and then use my promo code BRENTTY or click the following url:


Hey! Come drive Uber with me and get $200 when you sign up in Portland https://partners.uber.com/i/2qvedgdzw

Sign up for Lyft Here’s where to apply: https://lyft.com/drivers/BRENT570984


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  1. I think it depends on your area as far as the insurance goes. I know that here in Portland you just need to carry your own liability insurance and then Uber and Lyft have their own million-dollar policies that they cover you under while you are driving for them. I have heard that some other cities don't do it that way and you have to get your own commercial insurance policy. I know it's quite a bit more expensive but I feel it would be worth it if you were able to make enough money to cover the insurance costs. I would definitely try to research how it works in your area because it could have a huge impact on how much money you are able to make. Thank you so much for the compliment on the videos and I will do my best to keep the good ones coming!

  2. Hey man, thanks for sharing the videos. Loving them. Please keep them coming.
    I have a question for you. I want to do the uber and lfyt as well. Wingz is not available yet in my area. However, I heard that auto insurance will be an issue. Could you please share how do you handle it?? Thanks again =)

  3. great video are u scared of different people u give rides to with uber and lfyt how u protect ur self I also have 6 kids I do amazon flex and got offer to do lfyt but Lil scare Cuz vegas got crazy people any advice

  4. What car do you drive man? and arent you worried your car is going to break down in like a year or two from all the wear and tear? I just want to know what you plan to do then. Thanks