$50/hr uber and lyft together Law of attraction how to bring wealth and abundance to your life

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  1. I've been researching about being an Uber Driver. My husband said to me yesterday that I should find a mentor. I've been looking today and yeah this video really spoke to me cause not only do I own and have read the books you have mentioned but I have been an Aber for years! lol

  2. Love love love this video!!
    Thank you for the book recommendations!
    This month I'm reading being happy by Andrew Matthews and The Magic by Ronda Byrne!The Magic is life changing! She is the author of The Secret and in that book teaches Day by day how to practice gratitude! I've been telling my husband it's changing my life dramatically and I'm only on day 11, I feel happier and look forward to so much more and have plenty of hope.
    Looking forward to the LOA videos!!!
    Keep doing what you do!
    God Bless!??

  3. Thanks for the video, Brent!! Meditation is something I've been trying to incorporate into my life, so thank you for the inspiration.

    And please don't discount the fact that you obviously work hard (and smart) and I'm sure that is a major element to your success! 🙂

  4. WOW…I FEEL YA! My husband and i shut down a soul deadening 20 year landscape business that supported a family of 5 for 20 years VERY NICELY. (My parents think we have lost it.) We too, are using Uber and Lyft as our transitional income, and have been on a similar journey. Can't wait to show this to Tom….ALL MY BEST TO YOU….SENDING HUGE POSITIVE VIBES AND GRATEFUL FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO SHARE. (LOL….WATTLES….SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH….SOOOO AGREE!) Power of Now and Abraham have been huge… ours' all started with Conversations with God.

  5. So funny. I was thinking about you today because you haven't uploaded a video in awhile. Did you think of me while making this video? Lol! A few years ago I was in the drive thru of jack in the box and paid for the guys coffee behind me. A week later a friend took me out for lunch?. Love your law of attraction stories.Hope you can do more!