7 Apps Every Uber Driver Should Have

In this video, I go over some apps that every Uber & Lyft driver should have installed on their phone. These apps will make your job a little bit easier, less stressful, and save you some time and money.


Sign up for Uber & get a Bonus: https://get.uber.com/drive-vs/?exp=vs-t&invite_code=2osa6

Sign up for Lyft & get a Bonus: https://lyft.com/drivers/kon55


RideShare Accessories: http://www.driverops.com?rfsn=431299.f44aa

Pre-Register to become a Juno Driver: http://gojuno.com/ref/code/4023-684


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  1. For cities with smaller airports without constant traffic, I have to recommend FlightAware. If you're online at a time of day when demand is low or you've gone awhile without a request, knowing when to head toward the airport to pick up a passenger from an incoming flight will get you a long ride plus tip in most cases

  2. Wakey will keep your screen from going dark when you don't have Uber driver app or navigation app. open. Also a timer so you can watch the amount of time it takes for your passenger to come out. For Uber X you can collect a no-show fee after 5 minutes. The Uber app times pool requests so I don't bother timing those.