7 Time Saving Tips For New Lyft Drivers

Don’t waste valuable time & energy by wandering around your city looking for rides! As a beginner, learn how to drive more efficiently and effectively. Make more money and save time while at it!

Use These 7 Tips For Driving With Lyft Below:

1. Smile (0:40)
2. Drive at the right times (1:20)
3. Find your hotspots (2:28)
4. Bring a book (3:27)
5. Accelerate slowly and brake promptly (4:55)
6. Claim your no-show timers (5:53)
7. Wish people a good day (7:00)

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Comment (41)

  1. How incredibly sweet. Day two, and day one was a break even night :(.. Car wash and vacuum, car perfect., gasoline, …and two rides in 4 hours! LOTS of driving to HOPEFUL areas. NOTHING. YOUR video was helpful. Thank you!

  2. I don't drive for Lyft anymore because they steal from their drivers. One Sunday morning at 6 am, I was getting ready to do Sunday morning rides, transporting early morning airport riders to Palm Springs Airport.

    At 6:17 am, while on my way to Palm Springs, I received a ping from Lyft. It was a call to Yucca Valley. I accepted it and headed that way, noticing that it was a 32 minute drive there. Weary, I braved on. Weary, because I have been sent on calls where the rider was a no-show before, and it was a long drive there. Driving through Yucca Valley was all uphill. I was driving a Honda Pilot SUV, so the gasoline usage wasn't light, like my Prius, which I had decided not to use, so that I could get the bigger rides to the airport.

    When I got there, I was immediately bothered by the fact that they had 32 minutes to be ready and waiting and, they definitely were not waiting. I waited the entire 5 minutes before attempting to contact the rider. When I tried to call, I received a recorded message, "…this is not a monitored line…". I tried several more times but still the same. I decided to exit my vehicle, enter a strange fenced yard to ring the doorbell and knock on the door. No response, no movement whatsoever. I was scared. I didn't know who or what was going to come at me angry or what. I considered honking my horn but I didn't feel like facing any more danger. After over 10 minutes waiting, I left.

    When I returned home, I sent Lyft Support an email describing the events of that ride. Their response to me is that they are paying me a $5 cancellation fee which I refuse to accept. Now, Lyft Support ignores my emails and gives me ridiculous responses that don't even coincide with my concerns.

    It's just one ride that I am fighting for but it's not the first. Uber and Lyft BOTH make these errors BUT Uber pays their drivers! Lyft steals from them!

    I am boycotting LYFT because of their unfairness and NASTY customer support. Please support my cause by boycotting LYFT. Please use UBER instead! Thank you!

  3. I don't advise providing water and mints, these have been shown to marginally increase ratings and don't offset the incremental gain in tips. They also open you up for more trash being left behind and spills. Ultimately it is your decision but this is the consensus I've found after hearing from hundreds of drivers. Some good tips in here however, minimize expenses to maximize profits.

  4. I just started lyft at nights. It's sometimes hard to find the addresses. What do you suggest for best navigation. I download waze but it doesn't give me the address close to destination or side of the street. Can you help me please

  5. Bring a book? I did that my first day and never bothered again. never had the down time to read a book. Why not take a nap or go for walk. i drive for Uber so maybe Lyft is that slow but I don’t think that slow.

  6. I've been driving for over a year and completed 500 trips awhile ago so this appears to be a new driver. My first concern cause I stopped the video after hearing this. How does "having a smile" save you time?! I'll resume the video but cmon, that's a given in any Cust service job. Couldve left that out and shortened your video.