$80/hr on NYE $800 UberLyfter Have you ever wanted kick an Uber Rider out of your car?

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  1. Why do people keep thinking you, Uberman, Jermaine Ellis, and Harry the Rideshare guy, all work for Uber? Crazy. If Uber made YouTube driver channels they would not be this honest. Keep up the great work. ?

  2. I know you were trying to do the right thing to return her the phone. Maybe next time just have them pick it up. This happens a lot where they promise compensation and or don't even care to pay for your trouble. If I'm near by I can take it to them. Other than that they can come meet you off the clock or wait till the next morning and have them pick it up on your time. But I get why people go out of their way!

  3. Nye sucked in cali, the bay area, it was shit I saw it coming and called it a night and went and got hammered lol the surge only went to 3 for 20 mins and was 2.2 the rest of the night. As I checked the app to say i told me so . Friends that drove only made $150 because their are too many uber drivers here and on top of that, i looked at the passenger app and the san Francisco was covered in uber cars

  4. Dam dude good job on the numbers. I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time all night, only came out with 110( doing lyft only). I got to say though I dig your videos. I'm in pdx as well and they kept me going when I was first starting out.

  5. Is your dick bigger now? I came just to dislike video because of the topic. People need to stop sharing their earning with World. I have never seen anybody doing it but UBER and LYft drivers.

  6. This is exactly how I thought driving people around for Uber would be, except all the time. I love delivering food or groceries, though. I just started doing Amazon Flex in Portland right now, work is sporadic like everyone says. New Year's Day and NY observed (Monday) were awesome for deliveries. No traffic, it was a great first two days!

    I'm signing up through as many apps as I can for any sort of driving with no passengers: Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, Amazon Restaurants/Prime Now.

    AppDrivenGuy—any others you'd recommend for (not people driving) delivery work?

    Thanks for these videos, they helped me a LOT my first couple days driving.

  7. but yeah, awesome video man! i got no where near those numbers here, $222 i think, plus $145 in bonuses, good for a normal night, but new years eve? 7hrs of work, but then yeah, our costs to lease/rent these vehicles don't make that money sustainable

  8. HOLD UP! i am 4:45 in, and i got to say, you need to file that uber ride with the customer support help, categorize that as possible fraud or unpleasant rider, ASAP and describe word for word what happened. they might say you took them the long way home and get a refund

  9. i picked up a guy and his girlfriend the other day, and Jesus christ they smelled awful. Honestly they smelled like piss, dead serious. i had to atleast put my window down and it was only about 30 degrees outside. Luckily the ride was only about 2 miles.

  10. I hate it when bad people take advantage of good people like yourself, it's a good thing you take nothing personal and you stay positive! Have a prosperous new year dude! By the way I'm also an uber driver in L A, also most of my riders suck, I think imma switch over to lyft and maybe do postmates!

  11. lyft riders are people that got booted off of uber, i had this douchebag in my car, after he got out i found his nice g-shock watch, i got the text from lyft saying that he might have dropped it in the car, i sold it on ebay for $40.00, believe me, that phone would have been tossed out the window.

  12. this is why I hate driving drunk people around. I had a ride once where the lady kept telling her boyfriend "were going to die" or "were going to get in a wreck" every time I turned a corner. it was a short ride so I didn't have to kick them out, thankfully, but it was super annoying.

  13. hey dude what kind of car is best to do these type of jobs I'm thinking of a 2014 Camry is that good ? should i finance or pay it cash . also with Amazon flex do you have to go to the customers door ? I live in NYC so it's not viable doing flex because there won't be any parking .

  14. On new years my family was visiting from The Bronx, NY, they were comming to Massachusetts and the public bus left them. I ordered an order from there to Connecticut, which is about a 2 hour drive and then drove 1:20 hours to go get them. The total was $268 so the Uber basically made $200 and he still had time to get back to NY at 10:30pm and wait the new year with his family.

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