$80/hr postmates on whip-its! Best money ever! UberEats sucks!


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  1. on some real shit (FUCK) the tips, you guys be complaining about some bullshit, uber needs to stop with the fucking high ass fees and pay us by the mile. I've been doing delivery's with uber for 2 yrs I was number 15 to get hired when it was called uber fresh, we was getting 20.00 a hour plus 3.00 a delivery I was taking home 700.00 to 900.00 a week uber fees was 15% , I'm in Brentwood ca so I only deliver in marina del ray, Venice beach, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and some parts of Westwood / UCLA, ?GO Bruins . now the city's I deliver to are high class city's with a lot of foo-foo she-she restaurants and some people will tip so, that's why I say fuck the tips cause now uber fees are 35% , before Christmas 2016 it was 25% and 2.00 a mile I was making 500.00 to 700.00 a week now it's 1.30 a mile and 35% fees I worked the week after new years and all I made was 340.00 so fuck the tips cause tip is optional by the customer even if uber tell the customer u can tip the driver, I've been getting tips from day one and I never picked up people, so if you going to fight ,fight for less fees and more money, your money that uber is taking from you. wake up. Stop crying about tips uber is fucking everyone in the ass with fees, tricking drivers with bullshit promotions, and robbing the he'll out of us. what looking for is a few smart people that want to build a ride share company app, beat out uber and lyft, treat our drivers with respect, and we all get pay together. and ever driver would have a share in the company once it goes public. talk to me.

  2. this was actually a good video. Your comments about tips and how uber delivery is a good escape from entitled drunks. i was noticing how clean your car is. what are u driving?

  3. Great story! I love hearing stories about great tips. I received a $10.00 tip for delivering vodka to a customer and was happy about that. Yeah the ceo of uber doesn't believe in tipping, so I doubt that would change. If they can't give us tips, the boost should be higher. I found out from the facebook group that you can see your total of what you made on postmates on the dashboard right away, but not the tips. Tips show 24 hours later. So you can found out if you received a tip by looking at your dashboard.

  4. I was trying to hang in and still drive for Uber until I tried to order some food from UberEats for the first time recently. Once I finally got to the pay page I was so upset to see that Uber openly discourages tips in the wording in the checkout pay area of the app. I had been driving all this time for Uber hoping for tips when delivering and then to see the reason I wasn't getting tips was Uber themselves… a kick in my teeth.. I will only drive for Uber now when I need a trip in a certain direction and they are the only way. I'm still upset about it.