A Inside Look at My Driver Account UBER DRIVER TRUE PAY RATE

Hourly guarantees
Another way to earn
Hourly guarantees give you confidence in your earnings. When you meet the requirements, you will be guaranteed a level of gross fares.
Drive with confidence

How hourly guarantees work

An hourly guarantee is a…


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  1. You have the wrong strategy. Get a different job during the week and use uber for weekends. More people use uber on the weekends and you have a higher chance of getting a surge rate. After you do that then make a video

  2. There is no money in Uber. Take your depreciation costs of car, maintenance, insurance, wear and tear, gas costs, and taxes, and you end up with peanuts. Trucking sounds good until you realize that you will be working 70+ hours per week, 7 days/week, be gone 3-4 weeks at a time, eating out of your truck and truck stops, pissing in a bottle, sleeping in your truck, working strange shifts, sleeping when you can, and under scrutiny of DOT and the cops. All to make about $9-$11/ hour before taxes and expenses.

  3. one more thing may I mention yes I know $10.50 starting pay is better than what you're making at Uber and at least they're going to pay for your class A license because it's very costly to rent a big rig out and take it to the DMV trust and believe me that's why I told you to email me I want to talk to you before you do anything I would like to help you out

  4. what was I going to tell you was your better off getting your class a permit and continue studying for your test and applying at Robinson's trucking company basically it's called Robinson cement company its in Gardena they will pay for your class a license but all you need is a permit they start at 10:50 an hour that's only what they permit once you get your class A license you start at $22.50 an hour a lot of overtime I'm just looking out for you and your family great benefits and I asked you to email me but obviously you did it I gave you my email address once before I'm not going to give you my phone number over the YouTube station if you know what I mean??

  5. Crete Carriers, US Xpress, Those are my recomendations for OTR carriers.. I would stay on the road for 5 weeks at a times.. I was making top milage pay,, but I lost my vision in my left eye and now can't drive…

  6. Yesterday I did 1 ride to keep my account active. I went to trip details > fare details and it shows Rider Payment $8.32. My pay $4.22. That's not 80% of the fare. Not even 75%. That's closer to 48% of the fare.
    Drivers check your account after doing a ride. They are ripping you off!