Addressing complaints from Amazon Flex drivers about 2 and 3 hour blocks. Be grateful and thrive!

I know I’m probably going to get some thumbs down on this video because I’m saying things that a lot of Amazon Flex drivers are not going to like. But I honestly have gotten a little tired of hearing complaints from drivers about the 2 and 3 hour blocks. If you don’t like them don’t do them and let people who want to work get onboard with Amazon Flex!

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  1. really appreciate all your videos. got some great tips and help on Uber/Lyft/flex. I saw your video on Amazon flex and then applied for in Los Angeles a month ago. was one of the lucky ones that got approved and start working for flex a week ago. thank you very much for the great videos. please keep up the good work.

  2. They need to fix the auto scheduling, I've been getting one 4 hr block each week. At least schedule us for at less 15- 20 hours, so frustrating to keep checking the phone. The new auto log out sucks too, you get a notification for blocks then the time logging in you miss on getting the block

  3. It's all a matter of perspective. In the DMV, they've shortened the blocks from 4 hours to 3 AND increased the number of packages AND have you driving further out (25+ miles one way) in rush hour traffic. Did I forget to mention that there are tolls? So in my area this is where the concern/challenge is. Did it a few times and had to stop because I was using 2 blocks on gas, taxes and maintenance alone. It's gotten to a point where they are begging for drivers. But who wants to be taken advantage of in that way?

  4. Where I live, the cost of auto insurance alone is more than the 2 hour blocks they give you in a week. Too many people doing Uber and lyft also so you just sit there for long hours. Driving or delivery is not worth it for me.

  5. I'm in Las Vegas and man its always pack with cars now I've done it for 2 months and been blessed to work every day there's tricks and ways of doing it love it if work 6 days and take one day off people u get rated do ur job and u can get more work go Amazon

  6. Thank you so much for your videos about Amazon Flex. I am going to start next week. I am also signed up for Uber but am so scared to start (afraid I will get lost or disappoint customer, etc.) can you help and words of wisdom?

  7. Awesome stories on the negative employees. The quick short updates about previous topics was executed with good time and speed. I'm glad you included them. You did exactly what you said you liked for videos and it worked great for this content. Keep it up.

  8. Wow close to 2k per week, that's incredible!
    And totally agree, hell I'd take 2hr shifts even, I have a full time job but if I could only do weekends or after work then those small blocks would be perfect and that way I can still manage the rest of my life and home.
    Still no word from Amazon yet though, although I would love to make that much and do it full time, I don't mind driving, meeting people and seeing the sights! ?