Alcohol Orders Pay More? | DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Spark Driver Ride Along

Can you make more money with Alcohol orders? Join me for a Ride Along while I Multi App with Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Walmart Spark Driver.

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  1. On DoorDash there are days I think I'm the only over-21Dasher on-duty. I've spent the better part of some shifts in the wine, beer, and hard beverage sections of Safeway! They do pay better. I haven't had an intoxicated customer, but my very first alcohol delivery, the day after I took the test, was to an run-down house next to a construction site where a teenage girl tried to convince me that she had ordered it for her father who would be coming over from the construction site to show his ID. I refused delivery, and DoorDash told me to "dispose" of the 12-pack.

    I'm not a wine drinker, so at first I spent a lot of time looking for various wines, but I've gotten pretty well-versed in finding the wines even though every Safeway store in my area sets up their wine aisle differently. I get a lot of repeat customers for these orders, too, and they tend to tip well, too. Generally, I'd say these are some of my favorite orders.

  2. Nope, no alcohol. It isn’t worth it. Extra money is not worth it. You said it chances of delivering to an already intoxicated person, and look what that can mean well, my… In my past life, I have been that person. I don’t know what I was capable of!and I live in a college town. I refuse to deliver alcohol to college kids. I don’t care if there are age.

  3. I was delivering alcohol with Uber Eats and the guy came out with a prison inmate id……… yes really, it didn’t scan of course so I was like okay let me just have your name and date of birth. I was not about to argue with him at all I got out of there ASAP.
    Other than that most are smooth most people are prepared with their ids. Not just with alcohol with medicine too like OTC stuff

  4. HI Bri. I would not do alcohol orders as I think the cons outweigh the benefits, Yes I might miss out on some good orders but so many negative things could happen with alcohol orders as other posters have brought up, One thing to think of is if the customer as soon as you drop off they consume some of the alcohol and then decide they need something from the store and go out and drive. You maybe able to have lots of no issue alcohol orders but it only takes one bad one to be dangerous or get into trouble, to each his own but I will not do them, Have a great week.

  5. It seems that customers want to get their booze delivered. It is good to have it on hand for those special occasions. I'm not sure I could ever do that though because I don't want to drop it and leave a mess especially if there is a lot. Since it is pretty expensive it doesn't surprise me that alcohol does pay pretty well.

  6. Hey all I’d like to run this scenario by you guys to see what your thoughts are: I do Uber Eats and had an alcohol order for $12 (including expected tip). Customer wasn’t there, I waited the full 8 minutes before proceeding with return. Customer then shows up to the home. I contact customer support to request a reversal so I could complete the delivery. She processed it as a confirmed delivery, and I delivered the alcohol to the customer as usual. I was paid $5 upfront and thus expected a $7 tip. I didn’t receive the extra $7. I’m wondering whether the customer service rep processing it as “completed delivery” prevented the customer from tipping, or if the customer in fact tip baited me. Thoughts?

  7. I've done about 15 alcohol deliveries with UE and DD. I have never had a problem or had to refuse a customer because they were drunk. Unfortunately what I have see is people with the DT shakes in the morning needing their alcohol so they can feel better. Sending love from Los Angeles 💛💜