April 2nd, 2024 Podcast: Driving Options After The Protests

Another livestream about driver education and profitability

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This is all about educating people about how to take…


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  1. Tried doing 2 rides to the airport today I explained that Uber is not paying me enough, they say "Im not comfortable doing this" I say " Im not comfortable doing this ride for what Uber is paying me .60 per mi Hell NO Cancel" They paid $60 I was gonna charge $50 for 43 miles

  2. @waynejrsdesigns, the Lyft debit card limits how much you can transfer in 30 days, and 24 hours. When I was running just Lux, I had the problem of making more than $5k and not being able to transfer it all to my checking account.

  3. The biggest strike or protest to the two biggest companies in rideshare, Uber /Lyft, is a competitor.
    I guarantee you that these two anti-regulation companies will suddenly want to have HUM regulated. Hahaha!
    Protest Uber/Lyft by competing against them is as a HUM independent driver.