As an Uber driver you to can promote yourself on Social Media
Ready to drive Uber Everywhere.
My name is Torsten Kunert, I have a 4.95 out of 5 star rating with almost 2,000 trips completed in Los Angeles. Let me show you how to maximize your weekly Uber earnings, get the most tips and most importantly, receive the highest Uber driver ratings. I will send you my free 8 minute Uber tips and tricks video when you join via my referral link.
Phone 480-393-6318…

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  1. appreciate your videos! forgive me if I didn't get this answer in one of your videos. I've hopped around a bit lol. my question is, will having repeat clients go again policy? I drive for both uber and lyft and have had people want me to take them on a regular basis for example, Mary needs to go to airport every Monday at 7am.