ATL UBER tips – buford highway

Giving tips for UBER Atlanta and LYFT atlanta drivers. Buford highway is a very busy place to be at night. Giving rideshare tips for all.

UBER and LYFT Atlanta tips


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  1. i see dodge journey 2012 for 8000$. 100000 miles on it… lots of the cars i looked at are apparently not good for uber. focus, versa these cars just feel too small but i am really trying to not spend lots of money here… ideas? thanks again terry

  2. whats up ma man terry tips!! first. thank you for all your help. i am researching the uber thing and your optimism and great vibes are a very big help. couple of questions –

    no way my banged up 2002 explorer will make the cut… i am thinking about buy somthing for about 6-7 grand. i am seeing versa, chevi hhr, or 2008 buicks. any ideas? i do not want to do the lease or rent. if i am paying, it batter be mine and of the day…l

    i live around east cobb and i dont think i want to get in the club/drunk pax scene if i can avoid it. we got sandy springs and dunwoody and marta stations and the new stadium coming up, but would that get me to 120 a day with the terry tips method? l

    last question – i am thinking about ATL airport. do i need a permit to get pax there? is it a good spot to go too generally? i got uber as a pax there many times before but is it a good starting point? l

    thanks again man. i will probably start with buying a car in the next couple of days and will see if i qualify for uber first. i haven't gotten into the whole reward and first time driver thing yet but it all comes down to terry tips making me believe a 550$ per week is very possible if you ready to work.

    hope to talk soon, ET

  3. Hey Terry,
    Appreciate all the tips and consistent context posted week after week. I work a full time job Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. My troubles are Monday-Wednesday night after 7pm. If you can share any info that would be great.

  4. Great tips as always Terry. I'd like to add that most of these clubs allow smoking and it would be wise to bring fabreeze or the like. I'm also curious to hear your opinion on Plaza fiesta. I try to avoid it because it is a mad house getting out of that parking lot.

  5. You doing the right thing. This isn't a job for everyone anyway. Available cars creates higher overall satisfaction, and deeper market saturation say what you will about Uber management but the drivers are getting the bulk of the money. So you're the real CEO!

  6. It's hard for me making money I work in San Marcos TX a collage town I start work at 5 am and I got to work like all day my goal is 100$ bucks a day till night even some times but it's been a slow week this time it's my 3 week working for urber 1st week made 850$ 2nd week made 818$ but I got to work a lot I do it full time here on weekends alone it's good make 300-400 bucks trying to make that bank lol watched all your videos I don't give up got any other tips????