Coach Carl

Carl Lawrence AKA Coach Carl Private Investigator Extraordinaire has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years. I was driving cab in New York City before Uber was ever a thought.As technology changes, we all have to change with all the new innovations that are occurring every day. So with technology, it is time to bring all Cab/Rideshare drivers under one roof. With numbers there is power. So let's drive into the future together...Coach Carl

تجربتي مع اوبر ايت | Uber Eats

اتمنى الدعم بلايك و الاشتراك بالقناة #لؤي_الى_المليونين Follow Me تابعني ? Instagram ? Snapchat ?… source

Uber eats scam bois njoi

Me a fuccing og, I’ll post zomato scam soon source