Back in AZ Thanks for all the help and advice Amazon flex Postmates Doordash uber lyft


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  1. What have you done ? Oh, you're about to explain… Ok, Gotcha. My Son, his wife & their kids, live in OR, and I've been…. Not bad, but not AAAA… Ya could have hopped over to WA State, ya know ??? "DoorDash" ? Way cool w/the Amazon Flex people helping out. Oh… Helz yes #CleanShave …… Damn…. Who raised you!! #Polite Well Spoken. Responding to people… Wow! Good job, whomever raised this young Man ??? Damn… Ya left the Pacific NW #Bummer but soooooooooo happy to hear you and your Family ? (6 young ones.. Right?) are doing well & happy. Remember, young man #HappyWife ?#HappyLife ??

  2. Then yesterday, I had an area to deliver in …took me forty five minutes to get there. After delivering 8 packages, they had me going fifty minutes away. I looked at it and realized that after that 50 minute drive, they were going to send me back to the same area I was in the first place to deliver the rest of my packages. It is f up in MD.