Beat my ran a stop sign ticket

Ran a stop sign. No points on my license. I just went to pay and the DDT will not even know about it. So awesome!


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  1. Hey Terry,
    Two months ago, I received this same kind of ticket on Moreland Ave. and Dekalb or Decature Avenue…right adjacent from Little Five Points. I was going to try to fight the ticket, because I knew that I stopped at that Stop Sign. However, the Officer claimed I didn't…he was parked in an adjacent parking lot. But I knew that I stopped at the Stop Sign. Anyway I decided that I was going to still fight this ticket, until I was offered the same program as you with no points taken off my DL! And the price of the ticket was reduced down to $65! On another note, we have to be extra careful driving on Moreland Avenue because they do a lot of entrapment on this street or it is their word against our word, which their word will stand in a court of law! Enjoy your very informative videos…especially since you are driving in Atlanta. Thanks again!

  2. Hey Brotha! I just started doing Lyft about a week ago. I was having a hard time and started watching some of your videos. I just want to say thank you so much! I've been doing nights and love it so much. Im new to the city and your advice has helped me tremendously.