Been busy. My trip to Tampa. Making over $800 a week with Instacart

Sorry it’s been so long for a vlog. I’ve been mad busy taking care of business. I took a recent trip to Tampa doing Instacart to see what it was like down there to work with Instacart. It was busy!! I’ve worked a lot of hours and made of $800+ per week. Stay tuned for the next vlogs and I…


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  1. I have a question. I just started driving for PM and going to start Instacart. I'm in Phoenix right now but would like to move to FL. Do you know which area is the busiest over there out of Miami, Tampa and Orlando Or maybe better tips? This is now my full time job. Also, since you just moved into that apt. how did you show proof of this income to get qualified? I've always had w2's. LOL

  2. Hi , can u give or make a quick video what accessories u use for instacart delivery like cart or cooler , to help u with deliveries. I signed up for instacart recently and I stumbled upon ur channel and subscribed too.? thanks

  3. Hi TheBlessedDriver-I commented on another vid of yours earlier today (and subscribed to your channel) I am on the South & West side of Orlando +Kissimme area and did the Shipt cyber interview this afternoon. What Im really wondering is if you feel Instacart offers more jobs vs Shipt in those areas because I need to start w/ one for now (hopefully) and am trying to determine the best overall company. Thxs! :-)))