Big News!! TRIDE is HERE!! Watch and SIGN UP NOW!!!!

Get signed up and spread the word:


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  1. Randy have you seen an increase in drivers signing up in Las Vegas? I work at a hotel and casino and as Uber/LYFT drivers pull in our driveway I inform them about Tride. Hoping my word of mouth and hustle can get this up and running here.

  2. If Tride comes into town I'll have to throw away that Uber sign I won from you… maybe you'll have to get a tride sign going LOL anyways signed up in Salt Lake City. I have many way that I can get drivers to sign up but how do I get my own referral code? I haven't been contacted yet as I just signed up today. Thanks Uberman "trideman" ? and keep up the good work

  3. uberman I have a question I took riders from state college PA to Allentown PA almost 200 miles upon completion of the trip I ended the trip I started back home I stopped for gas and checked my earnings the trip paid 277:00 only to find out that that there was a fraud adjustment I never heard of that can you please help me with this I have contacted Uber many times still no response

  4. tride started by drivers, you mean a bunch of people who doesn't have a business degree, or any idea about business management started a company?

    they will soon know "oh shit we're not making enough to provide the service."

    they can resolve within 20 minutes, because there's probably only a small handful of drivers right now. wait until they get bigger with more drivers and passengers.

  5. insurance part doesn't make sense:

    most insurance company will cover you when you're not on a trip, they will not cover you when you're ON a trip

    Uber/lyft will say ok, as long as you have 1000 deductible on your coverage, then if your insurance refuse to cover you during the trip, we will cover it anyways, with $1000 deductible (lyft being $2500)

    so seems like uber insurance is better since either way if you get into an accident it's $1000 deductible (you will have to pay the first $1000, over $1000 Uber will cover) but tride is $1500 deductible, so you'll pay less with uber insurance