BREAKING: California May Force Uber to Including Tipping Option in App!

LA Times article:

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  1. Well said it's such a joke to drive uber unless you drive surge which does not exist or drive for the bonuses other than that it's a looser and driving for lyft is even more of a joke people think that the tip option is so great but the truth is to achieve the lyft bonuses is nearly impossible lyft is just as bad if not worse as uber they are are just quiet and hide behind all the bad news uber makes daily.

  2. You know what bro, your frustration expresses exactly how I feel.For the life of me, I do not understand what uber would lose if we got tipped. Who ever the decision makers are , aside the CEO which we know has shown us his dushery, call them upper management: are either the most damn ass and stubborn fools or they are just simply Evil. It is as if they despise the drivers. Really.From the rate cuts,to Uber pool ( don't even get me started on that piece of shit genius idea), to the refusal to add a tipping option, My conclusion is , I am done being perplexed and come to realize they are seriously damn or Evil. Time will tell…. If by some miracle if all Uber drivers made a commitment to stop driving at least one day-nationwide, They would quickly realize their app would not be worth of shit without their drivers. And fuck their autonomous cars.I will shoot that robot if it gets in my way.And we should all start gathering up against autonomous cars,because they are commited to that for sure…..we shall see. I wanna end this by saying I have great respect for all of you drivers because our sufferings are mutual and it takes stregth to persevere and do this , in these lean times.Hang in there Fam. and get envolved in any way you can, Peace to you all!!!

  3. dude let me help you out smh. you keep yelling " uber why are you forcing legislation to make you put a tiping option?". answer: they dont give a F… about workers..just like most billionaires who would rather take the chance of running their company into the ground then pay a worker a descent wage. good for you that you don't want or need to work more than 20 hrs but many folks NEED the hours and NEED to be paid a decent wage to live..and they need help from an outside party. stop looking at this from a selfish point of view. at the end of the day uber may in fact be forced to change. greedy companies dont often volunteer to stop being greedy.

  4. I feel the same way as you do Kevin. And yes if the prices were raised by one dollar a mile, I would definitely want to keep driving and even take Uber pool. I would even buy water and all that shit to provide the best experience. I might drive further to pick people up too. Shit, I would even go through the dive through too if they could raise the per minute fares to at least 30 cents a minute. They don't, so I don't do any of those things.

  5. $2.20 per mile makes since. Were these ever the rates for UBER X? It's customer service, and drivers have no incentive to go above and beyond with the way things are. Tipping will help offset gas and food. Drivers are losing money to drive 90 cent per mile, 11 cent per minute. The disrepect and bad behavior of passengers have increased because the fares are so low, practically it's more pratical to take Uber than ride the bus. Have you ever ridden the bus ib LA, passengers are the worst .

  6. Good! Uber needs to stop bullshitting around and add the tip feature. How are they gonna claim that their driver's are independent contractors/partners, and yet they are trying to block their driver's from making tips.