BREAKING: Uber Changes Rating System to Not Punish Drivers

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Comment (33)

  1. Uber needs to do away with this system period. I have gotten 20 5 stars in a row and not a single uptick in my overall rating. But if you get one 4 star rating, your overall rating plummets. So 5 stars and a lot of wonderful badges…nothing. One 4 star rating and your over all rate drops. Its crap. Seriously.

  2. Come on, now. Do you honestly think unfair rating on pool ride is the core reason why drivers are not picking up pool paxs? Poor rating received by ungrateful pool pax is like getting a salt on a wound. Drivers already have been hurt by the crappy pool fair. And the bad rating by ungrateful pax is icing on the shit cake(pool fare) the driver got received. I told myself, as a lyft driver would never again pick up a line paxs. Yes, the poor rating irritates me. Especially when I just gave the pax a ride to their destination for a bus fare. But if the fare came out same as regular lyft ride, I would tolerate them. It's all about the dough.

  3. Uber is the worst ever! They don't even report to the credit bureaus to help build credit with the vehicle solutions crap. Is there any chance I can refinance their loan with another lender who actually reports. Uberpool is the absolute worst and I can no longer accept them. I once got $0.97 for a 1.5 mile pool ride totally out of the way from the other riders, all so they can each give me less than 5 stars in a vehicle I literally pay $28/ day to have cleaned and vacuumed. They want $1000 deductible for any rider damage thus leaving the responsibility on me to repair all rider damage under the deductible. I have nearly stop driving for them all together 8 trips last 3 months each where they have charged my rider twice as much as they paid me for the trip.

  4. PRAISE UBER?!?!? oh give me a break app! Uber is just doing this (and the flying cars bullcrap) to take attention AWAY from the fact that a young Uber engineer shot himself in the head AND that Google/Waymo are closing in on a lawsuit (projected May 4th), so PLEASE don't fall for this craaaaaaap. Uber is still an evil company!

  5. No, I'm not going to start accepting pool because of a dumb star rating. I can't pay my bills with stars. I'm in it for the money, not stars.
    Who cares about this shit? Uber needs to add a damn tipping option! Drivers care about money, not stars or compliments!

  6. we work for money. drivers who still worring bout ratings r still acting like ubers puppets. u dont work for uber its ur buissness and its bout making the most money u can while keeping ur expenses as low as possible point blank. thats how a buissness owner runs there buissness and it should be no different here. uber wants to call us independent contractors so act like one. and if u cant keep ur rating high enough that u have to worry bout being deactivated than u just not cut out for this type of work. as long as u pick up rider close to eta and get them to destination safely and in timely matter ur ratings should be fine. dont give out water and candy not necessary and it effects ur bottom line. once again if u need to do that cause u cant maintain a rating required to not be deactivated u shouldnt be doing this type of work than. if uber wants u to give free shit to riders to kiss there ass than they need to supply it like they do with roses on Valentine's day. occasionally they have given vip drivers in my market water to give out. i opted not to cause riders than expect it and than uber wants u to pay. havnt seen them do it in a long time but if they do it again either ignore or keep for urself cause the month following riders had the nerve to ask for there free water. and i explained it to them. uber supplied it for a week and then wanted drivers to buy it themselves after that. most customers agreed thats ridiculous. im sure a few ass hole passangers gave bad ratings cause they wanted free water ect. but if u doing what ur supposed to be a few bad ratings wont hurt u. ive maintained a 4.9 since the beggining i dont give free shit i dont stop at drivethrus for free meaning unless u offer to get me somthing i dont stop. im here to make money which means the only number that matters is miles driven with passanger in car. not time cause thats less than minimum wage and not empty miles either wont except trips that arent within couple miles from were i am. its our bizz start acting like it and stop doing what uber wants cause what they want benifits there biz at the expense of ours.

  7. Are you kidding me , ineffective poor rating from UBER pool is an insensitive for driver's to drive ??? Do driver's drive for money or 5× ratings ?
    UBER can keep all those unnecessary psyched badges and their ratings system , we work for money NOT Glory !