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Taxi Driver Rescues Concert Goers in Las Vegas Mass Shooting – vlogtober 2

Taxi Driver Cori Langdon was in the Mandalay Bay taxi line last night when the shooting at the Jason Aldean concert started. She captured the whole ordeal on video including a small rescue effort with a few concert goers. Cori Langdon’s Video was deleted, but I have a copy:… source

Wait…Uber Referral Bonuses Expire? – Vlogtober 2017

Vlogtober #1 – Received a note that an Uber referral’s potential bonus was going to expire? Huh? How Sway? Here’s the email I received: http://drivegirldrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/uberbonuses-expire-2.png ……… COP my T-SHIRTS!!! http://bit.ly/dgdstore ……… CONNECT WITH… source

Rideshare Vloggers You Should Know! #6

Buy My Rise & Grind T-shirt here ➡ http://amzn.to/2yCNZGu Today’s Shoutout goes to: 1) Nashville Lyft Zone https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbcKPHa4pqp064gzGKsTO5Q 2) Young_LyfeStyle https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6EeAeLGzQRvn2o2S62ayNw 3) ThatGirlSam1 Postmates Video… source

Girl Talk: Woman Uber Driver Shares Several Crazy Stories With Male Pax

Hey Girlfriends! This is my first interview with Woman Uber Driver, actress and filmmaker Christina Fiorella! In this episode, she discusses several scary, crazy wild encounters she had with male pax. If you are a woman new to Uber or Lyft this video is a must-see. Please support Unlucky here: … source

Uber Storytime: Car Karaoke with Anthony Tone Tone Taylor – Part 1

Today I’m with my friend and guest host Anthony Tone Tone Taylor! In this video, he talks about an epic car karaoke session with his passengers. 00:22 – Meet Anthony Tone Tone Taylor 00:28 – How we met – great story!!! 01:00 – Tone TOne’s first job as an actor 03:02 – 1st Time Driving […]

Uber Storytime: Rideshare vs. Food Delivery – Part 5

My friend Anthony Tone Tone Taylor compares rideshare vs. food delivery! If you want to separate your Uber Eats from Uber, click here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=n0zPeA_vT_c The video is broken down in 7 part watch the playlist right here: ➡️ https://goo.gl/Gk8wKN Oh yea,… source
Uber Storytime: Postmates Fail – Part 6

Uber Storytime: Postmates Fail – Part 6

Today I’m with my friend and guest host Anthony Tone Tone Taylor discussing his Postmates Fail! His first time doing Postmates was hilarious disaster, new Postmates drivers, you have to hear this story! The video is broken down in 7 parts, you can find the playlist right here ➡️… source

Uber Storytime: Uber vs. Lyft – Part 4

Today I’m with my friend and guest host Anthony Tone Tone Taylor! In this video we discuss: 0:44 – Uber incentives 1:07 – Destination filter 2:05 – Reasons why Tone Tone loves driving for Uber in Los Angeles 3:33 – Strangers are usually on their best behavior 4:00 – Los Angeles’ diversity 4:17… source