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Here is the second video in this series entitled: Line saves you money but can back fire. I am sure that Uber has something similar. For Lyft it is “Line”. Line is used by you the passenger when traveling with one other person or by yourself. If you choose to use line your driver may […]

After my first 5,000 miles or so doing rideshare I decided to share my top tips. The number 1 tip I can give is to tell drivers to get a tablet. A larger screen will help them navigate the roads easier and see possible short cuts or wrong Google instructions. Tip number 2 would be […]

Welcome to a new series of possibly as many as 20 videos around the idea of bettering passenger and driver relations. Each tip will perhaps lead to a better understanding of how a driver for Uber Or Lyft might perceive certain actions. Here is tip # 1 for riders – Know where you are going! […]

#1 Uber Lyft Tip and Strategy: “Outskirting”

This is my #1 strategy for earning $30-$40 per hour, driving! You’ll need to watch the video on “Fishing” and “Hunting”, in order to properly “Outskirt”, but this strategy helps you earn with Uber and Lyft. Be sure to get the Uber/Lyft rideshare sign up bonus, from the codes below! Uber…

008 Uber SF Bay Area Surge Strategy and New Driver Tips

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1 Minute Video To Get Unlimited Free Uber Rides – /Free Uber trick

Please watch: “How Anyone Can Hack Wifi Password Without Root In Android Without Your Permission [Ethical Hacking]” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- ****Trick To Get Unlimited Free Uber Rides – Free Uber Trick Youtube Channel : new Information Era Site :WWW.99mediasector.com This trick is only for educational purpose .we and our youtube channel [DarkNight] is not responsible for any […]

10 ways to make money with Uber and Lyft in New York City. Read below

Get the Highest UBER New York City bonus. https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=4SL4T Get the Highest New York City LYFT bonus https://www.lyft.com/drivers/TORSTEN134593 Pre-Register for JUNO https://www.drivers.gojuno.com/referral/code/9745-411 Maximize your profits at the Rideshare Driving School http://www.Ridesharedrivingschool.com Visit my Ask Torsten Info Channel http://www.asktorsten.com Buy Rideshare Tools and essentials at http://www.RideshareTools.com Join my Youtube…

11 Tipps und Tricks über Skybounds

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5 DJI Mavic Pro Shooting Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

➜ DJI Mavic Pro (Amazon): http://amzn.to/2pHK0HR or DJI.com (Global shipping): https://goo.gl/4ORw7O Watch my last Phantom 4 shooting tips video: https://youtu.be/fy3aLxx0Wdg I’ve been flying the DJI Mavic Pro for a while now, and I have a couple tips, tricks, and ideas for capturing awesome…