Challenging A Parking Ticket In Los Angeles!

I paid the meter and still got a parking ticket! Time to challenge this!!

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  1. have you heard back from the ticket citation yet? also, can you speak a little bit more about the administrative hearing process? they just recorded you on a video? was there a time limit? what would you suggest if I am to be going to my first hearing on thursday?

  2. Sucks. But look on the bright side. When I was driving Semis with my CDL, they will ding you a couple thousand dollars just for a speeding ticket, and I once got a $3,600 for being overweight. Truckers are so abused by America – it's sickening.

  3. Good luck with your ticket! Anything parking authority is a joke especially near Philadelphia and Washington DC area! I also have a cheat for you with lyft runs being to far away, I been just shutting down or restarting my phone when the request ping comes on and my acceptance rating doesn't change!