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My name is Torsten Kunert, I have a 4.95 out of 5 star rating with almost 2,000 trips completed in Los Angeles. Let me show you how to maximize your weekly Uber earnings, get the most tips and most importantly, receive the highest Uber driver ratings. I will send you my free 8 minute Uber tips and tricks video when you join via my referral link.
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Coach Carl Carl Lawrence AKA Coach Carl Private Investigator Extraordinaire has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years. I was driving cab in New York City before Uber was ever a thought. As technology changes, we all have to change with all the new innovations that are occurring every day. So with technology, it is time to bring all Cab/Rideshare drivers under one roof. With numbers there is power. So let's drive into the future together... Coach Carl

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  1. I have just seen 2 of your utube videos I live in Jacksonville Florida the largest city in the USA land wise. Uber says on email they sent to us that the average uber ride herot there e is $6.67. I work 2 restaurant jobs I went to the airport last night only the taxis can sit in front where drop off is but I wanted to see where Uber sits out there I looked on app and found them. Its a public parking lot and its free before I could park I got a hit and picked up a lady that just got off the plane. I heard you have to wait your turn in line I had no time to park and other Uber drivers were there I am 4.75 rating so I believe what you say better ratings get you more rides. I have just started but I need help I found a app that shows when the planes land should I stay at the airport or we have Amtrak here. I dirve a ford Escape can take only 4 people at a time. I am no where close to your money Im at $147.00 the airport run was my biggest it was $21.10 -33 minutes and 28.1 miles I will watch all your utube posts I need help to make real money will you help me heres my email thanks.