Correction: UberEats Commission Increase starting 12/12

Corrections to previous video.

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  1. Do you think DoorDash is the better option now after the UberEats pay cut? 5$ per delivery plus tips seems to add up to more in most cases. And it seems they don't usually send you too far away, which would save on gas and makes more deliveries per hour possible. Are the tips based on the amount of food purchased, so 15%-20% of the food order? Or is it whatever the customer wants to pay? I'll be getting activated for them as well and am trying to decide which is the better option.

  2. Thank you for your sweet and positive outlook. I was troubled by your recent vlog that was all about your PEP Boys/vehicle car brake job debacle. You're one hard working lady! About PEP boys…find yourself a good independent auto shop, staffed with ASC certified mechanics, jut my two cents about that. All the best, Joe Monkey (real name=Howard)

  3. who knows…you did not report bad info girl just gives us a chance to strategize further with Uber !! Maybe that why they did not want me to be on the panel because they know I will probably give them hell about it ..I guess they wont be doing that anymore…if this is their tactic for people to get over and drive for five dollars I still not going to pick up PAX .that it they making there money they lost from drivers from Uber X to Uber eats but if we all go into unity and just work our other appt Grub Hub, Post Mates hell even door dash they will see to put a got damn tip option !!!!

  4. I'm going to keep at it since it is obvious easy money, but my customer service will definitely not be above and beyond for the pay. getting out of car at drop off being one. getting to the restaurant quickly and to the customer. they can both wait now for all I care. thank you again for these videos. i need to start these myself to blow off this uber steam.

  5. No email for bay area drivers about eats pay. Must stay the same. FYI, I completed my 31st eats delivery today and yet and still i've recieved NOOOOOOO tips, not one not even thinking about it or mentioning of it. One guy had cash in his hand out in his driveway waiting for me and when i drove up he put it in his pocket. Took the food and said thanks. All them lazy ass judgemental people can get their own damn food far as i'm concerned. I've got a 4.95 Uber and Lyft rating but can't get tipped on delivering food? I always take it to the door, am friendly etc… What's wrong Drive Girl? I know i'm old fat and ugly but still. Also i must say i LOVE your facial expressions on the still photos that accompany your videos. They are CLASSIC!!! The end of this week i'm gonna work the OC. See if people tip in SoCal. I got good runs when i worked there before but this will be first time with delivery. Wish me luck.

  6. Your info is great hunz its Uber with the "play on words"… Its hard to say "good things" when it seems more and more like i'm paying uber to work for uber… I really didn't think this change was coming out west seeing as that market is where uber sort of "pioneered"?!?… Trying to stay positive right along witcha!!! Maybe #trump will make sumn' shake… (lol I really cant believe I just typed that)

  7. I'm sorry to hear that regarding the commission update. UBER is really getting to the edge of people patience… I'm going to tell you something. I have registered UBER already 1 month ago. I have been waiting for a good time to start Uber X and Uber EATS. As the time goes by… I have less and less motivation to start working as a partner for these guys… As an advise for you… I think you should reconsider this partnership… I'm a bit older than you and life already taught me that everything that isa bad can always be worse… and it will be… sooner than later… tell me what you think? Cheers

  8. humm, I don't see anywhere in the email that states their commissions or fee is going from 25%to 35%. mine shows 25% at the very end of the email. it states the pay structure witll change effective 12/12. unless people are receiving different emails!!! I don't think so.