Critical: New Dashers Watch Before Missing Scheduled Dash

Ever wonder how DoorDash drivers manage their schedules? In this video, we’ll learn all about it! We’ll see how drivers can cancel their schedules if they need to, and we’ll also find out some cool tips for making scheduling easier.

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  1. Another thing you can do if you're just not quite ready to dash. Say you schedule for 4 pm, but you're not going to be ready until 4:45. Wait until 4:15 pm, so you're not late, then click "dash now", then immediately "pause orders." Now you've delayed your dash up to 50 minutes (15 delay + 35 minutes paused) and you don't have to try to edit your dash. In some areas this is necessary because the slot won't be avail if you just want to edit it, but this will still give you some time without losing the shift.