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  1. i live in a booming market for uber and uber eats so i cant delete it. i only uber 1 or 2 evenings the most and earn a minimum of 200 a night not including tips. im sorry some of you feel like you are getting stiffed. most arent in a great market but like i said i live in a highly populated college town. i always get repeat drivers and now im so well known with emoloyees in town i can take my family out, be recognized and get free drinks and meals. so many people know me now its crazy and i have never had one single disrespectful rider.

  2. My neighbor lady driver Lyft, she says it isn't any better. If it weren't for Uber themselves, I could make them a lot more money but they get in my way like a bitch ass queer driving in front of you everywhere you go. Uber, you don't need to control us, just release us on the road and let us make you money.

  3. Uber man, can you start a similler company without the pitfalls of Uber? Uber deactivated my account permanently. Because, I complained to them about 2 black men riders, who got into my car in Detroit, started discussing wedding arrangement, then kissed each other from the lips. Uber accused me of discrimination against LGBT.

  4. While on the surface Lyft seems much more of a socially minded company with less cheating of drivers and passangers. But this isn't exactly the case. Me, they refuse to pay me almost $300. They refuse to "honor payment" (their words) because of "suspected misuse of the app" though they have zero communication as to what misuse they're referring to. I took two trips, university students from Huntsville, AL to Birmingham airport to fly home. $142. They verified and approved payment and paid me. A week or so later I take another student to fly home for mother's day, I pick her up in Madison, AL and drive her to Nashville Int'l Airport. Monday they tell me they're refusing to "honor" payment AND they're also taking back the $142 from the Birmingham trip. I emailed and emailed, messaged on social media, trying to discuss this, because I did NOTHING wrong. They refuse to tell me anything except "We understand that you're concerned about the problem with your payment, however the decision by our risk team is final. " and that is that. They literally STOLE money from me and refuse to discuss why or what I can do to ensure that they pay me for my work. I contacted one of the riders and they told me that Lyft did not pay them back. So unless the riders are scamming me and Lyft (which is NOT my place to take the brunt of, that's Lyft who is supposed to ensure this doesn't happen, how can I possibly avoid this if this is what passengers do?). There was nothing suspect about the trip. I've given these kids rides before since I live near the university. Always was paid for those prior trips.

    Lyft needs to pay me, but they refuse to even email me back or discuss the issue further. They simply said "Nope, our $300, go away, keep driving" It is rather odd to me that Lyft would pretend to think I somehow was party to what I'm guessing would amount to fraud, though what they even think I may have done is ambiguous, that they'd have no problems allowing me to continue to drive for them. So either they've no problem allowing fraud committing drivers to drive, or they know I played no part in whatever this may be, but they're sure not going to pay me for my work I provided them… So while upfront pricing is a bit of an annoying story, at least Uber has ALWAYS paid me.

    So I'll keep uber until Lyft shows me they're the one's worth keeping.

  5. It appears Uber has increased their cut to over 42% in the Tampa/St Petersburg area. Completed a trip this afternoon. Rider was charged $9.12 and Uber took $3.92. Payout was $5.20. They have dumbed down earning statements in the app so you can't see what they have done. I had to log on to see what Uber collected. I can't believe how greedy those bastards are!