#Deleteuber – Jermaine / Rideshare Professor – My Thoughts!

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  1. I'll be honest you are the only one I can stomach watching. It took me forever to refer to you as "uber Man" It just screamed dork at first. But then I started listening to your tips & personal words of wisdom because I knew you would not urge your viewers to take your advice if you would not follow it yourself. So imo you are "real" with everyone. Like many Uber has helped you and at the same time screwed you over & over. However you are very careful how you answer your questions and how you relay your answers & still show Uber a lot of respect they do not always show us. ie update the app means accept any damn change they feel like making and we can either update or carry our butts back home for all they care. Anyway I'm stating the obvious & that's my issue with these other channels. You talk & explain, they talk to hear themselves talk. Most of the time right after you've addressed a particular trending subject thoroughly. Any way my question I wanted to ask was 1st do you have old videos you absolutely would not recommend and as often as Uber updates its User agreement to benefit themselves do you find it impossible to keep your tips & videos "uber correct"?

  2. Jermaine dies not approve of delete uber, matter of fact he makes fun of it, however he does not offer any solutions. let's start a movement #delete Jermaine until he starts coming up with better solutions than delete uber.

  3. Jermaine has a BADASS Channel. I find Rideshare Professor unwatchable. He has great info, so I suck it up and get through some of it. But, the quality is bad, Especially compared to your channel Randy. You set the standard.

  4. randy take all the time you need. I been sub'd to you and jermaine for over a year now. Both you guys have valid points. I just hope Jermaine doesn't take it too bad, He was really upset about all the people talking shit and you could tell it messed with his head. . U gotta have thick skin in this world . But ya 100% agree uberman thanks for having jermaine back.

  5. Randy, I'm saying this in the nicest way I know how. The up front pricing is not what you think it is. I picked up a PAX who was getting his windows on his car tinted. About 2 miles into the trip, he realized, his house keys were with the keys he left at the window tinting shop with his vehicle. I turned around and took him back to the shop so he could get his keys. He paid the amount he was quoted and I got paid for the actual miles I drove. This is the same that would have happened had I made a wrong turn and/or took a longer route. Maybe there are other reasons why you want to leave Uber, maybe you just don't like being told you have to agree to terms. But every single time you download software and use on your phone/pc, you have to agree to terms before using the software, so I really don't understand why in this case with Uber its different.

  6. I do agree that in the world of business everyone had their own opinions but to go out and talk shit about others who disagree with your opinion is very unprofessional. I know Uber may not work out in other markets but there are those who live in another market that still benefit from them such as the situation I had with Doordash, elsewhere Doordash may be slow but in my market you can easily make over $500 in 30 hours just as long as you know which orders benefit you the most in the shortest amount of time or distance not to mention the time period in which hourly guaranteed are given.

  7. I used to drive the yellow taxi and we used to make a lot of money Uber has and it destroying this industry for what reason I don't understand it gets me upset when people shows any sympathy for this hungry greedy corrupt company it's damaging a lot people we shouldn't be out there trying to come up with plans of how to make money #deleteuber

  8. some people just want to go out and drive and make money. they don't want to create a YouTube channel to spam referral codes to create more competition or bring in more drivers who are willing to drive for current rates. why do you think Ubers recruiting policy is so aggressive and never ending. because they want to completely eliminate surge. or atleast paying it to drivers anyway. they want enough drivers in every market that are so desperate that they never turn down a ride. drive 15 min away for non surge rides. because when they have enough of these drivers they can all but eliminate giving drivers surge or start cutting it in half and keeping the other half for themselves. I totally understand in some markets your going to make money doing this even if it's 50 c a mile. some markets surge like that. it's the mid to small markets that are suffering. and it's not from a lack of rides. it's from driver over saturation infrequent surge low rates and Ubers readiness to take advantage of that. has anyone else noticed weird things going on with surge just in the last two weekends. there wasn't even a bar rush tonight. surge usually starts around 120 am and peaks at 145 150. there was no surge anywhere in my market tonight until 215. and it was smaller areas. and it changed rapidly from low to medium to high. it's always been way more stable and predictable than that. Uber is absolutely capitalizing on screwing the drivers over who drive for no and minimal surge by holding it off longer and making it smaller. which also hurts and screws over my strategy in doing this. it's just greed. and I can't respect anyone defending that saying it's business. I understand business quite fine. I also understand that when Uber raises their base fares or Rider fees it's making the ride more expensive. they easily could have not raised Rider fees and raised rates ten cents a mile and got the same boost in profit themselves while also giving drivers a raise. rideshare seems obsessed with paying drivers as little as possible at this point. and clearly it's working and there are all too many drivers happy to go out and drive for current rates. I'm assuming immigrants. poor people. minorities. etc. people who just see money going into their account. not understanding the cost of operating a vehicle. it is not sustainable for Uber to keep rates where they are in mid and small markets without a constant supply of these people who figure it out after a year and quit. which I guess works for Uber. because they're just buying time for the driverless cars. the thing I find so sad about the situation is it could be so positive for so many people. Uber could be making a lot of money. drivers could be making alot of money. it could be such a positive amazing thing. thousands of livable wage jobs. great for the economy. etc. but it's just turned into this toxic American corporate greed thing like everything else in this country that eventually goes bankrupt or sells out. like why. that's all I'd like to know. why waste so much money on advertising. new driver referrals. hourly guarantees. all this bullshit to find more and more dumb and desperate drivers to drive for min wage. who will eventually be without a car and worse off for doing Uber. they could so easily scrap all of that. no bonuses. raise rates. and make a killing while providing thousands of good paying jobs. but they're literally keeping themselves in the neg by continuing to recruit the drivers who will drive for the bullshit they wanna pay in some markets. it is beyond evil. soulless greedy and corrupt. which is why I can't respect the opinions of people like this. if you can't see what's happening in the markets you're not in and how fucked up it's becoming and stand up for that you are part of the problem. and it will only continue to get worse in your markets. drivers could literally dictate what companies survive. what rates are. all of that. but you can lead an ass to water but not make them drink. there is no unity in Uber drivers. no common sense. it's so frustrating to see how simple it could be for drivers to play these companies off one another and get rates back to a good amount. but it will never fucking happen because people are hard headed and stupid. anyone who can defend Uber. or say it's business. or you don't have to drive. it's not business. or it shouldn't be. maybe that's why our economy sucks donkey dick the middle class is disappearing and China owns our country. because there are too many sheep or assholes who figure they'd run a company the same greedy corrupt way if they were running it. this is why our country is fucked. because this business practice has become the status quo. it's why wealth disparity has never been greater. why 5 percent holds all the wealth. slavery never fucking ended. people are just too damn stupid to realise when they are a slave to a system that is stacked against you. and if you can see the things these companies do and defend it or shrug your shoulders and say ehhh. it's business. educate yourself.

  9. the "professer" drives luxury in a large market. Jermaine drives in a large market. and that's all good. I just find their opinions kind of dismissive and assholish. I don't do this full time in my market. cause it is dumb to do so. and because of that I do make 20 to 30 an hour when I drive because I drive surge only. even at 80 cents a mile. prob is there's more and more cars flocking to those surges and they're shrinking and disappearing faster and faster. and for these two to basically trivialize people trying to start unifying drivers for higher rates cause it's "all good" in their markets or for black and luxury drivers in large markets is just disengenuine and insulting. there are people caught in leases and who quit their jobs before Uber pulled the rug out from under them. that's why I think they get hate. it's like being in the press boxes looking down on the people in the stands. saying shit. I knows Uber has cut rates like crazy and it's crippled alot of people but it's still good for me. so fuck y'all lol. y'all are dumb for still driving. while I do agree with that and it's those drivers in mid and small markets who need to stop driving to drive rates up I imagine alot HAVE to go out and work 70 80 hours a week driving for non surge to make what they have to in order to pay off leases and loans they got into two years ago when rates were double what they are now. and I understand some of these people can't just stop driving. I guess what I'm saying is fine. if it's good in your market even with rate cuts cool. sit back and shut the fuck up. don't start calling people dumb or taking Ubers side when you see they've cut rates while still raising prices for themselves. it makes you sound like a house negro. and between the drivers who can't stop driving. the poor who think they're making money. and the fuck sticks like this it's why Uber laughs when drivers try to unionize or negotiate rates back up. and exactly why it's never going to happen.

  10. the problem I have with their opinions is simple. they say it's easy to make money in those markets. and that's great. you can make good money with Uber in any market if your only driving surge. but everyone doesn't live in NY or San Fran where it surges half the day. I totally understand their points. but the point is Uber has cut their rates more than 50 percent. and in the mid size and smaller markets that is absolutely brutal. it's just not worth it to drive non surge. and surge really only happens for events and weekend bar rushes and rush hour. while I understand everyone is not going to delete Uber or stop driving for them a united front for getting rates up across the board would be nice. if I lived in San Fran I wouldn't care about rate cuts either. cause surge I'd imagine is more frequent and wouldn't affect you anyway. to me he needs to appreciate that alot of people got on board and made investments doing this full time in mid and smaller markets where surge happens alot less and not just call those people idiots. no one is saying there aren't people still making good money with Uber. they are just trying to use their leverage to get rates back up in mid and small markets where it's just made driving impossible.

  11. lots of respect for Uberman for posting this video …
    Jermaine talked a lot of trash about Uberman and here is Uberman saying to his fan to not talk trash about him … just shows you the difference between the 2 of them.

  12. what I see from all this people who make you tube videos.

    1.) all have referral codes for uber & lyft which means they all make money from the people who sign up.

    2.) they are all making money from the you tube videos we are all watching. most of the stuff I find it use less because all the uber markets are so different. most of the stuff they talk about is news that you can find it your self in the internet.

    3.) The hypocrisy that I find is uber advertise on all of this people videos. So the question I ask myself are these people sincere or they are same as uber all out for themself. To me it's pure hypocrisy that you are take money from the campany you say is take advantage of the drivers.
    The question i ask myself is when do these people find the time to drive.
    if you are doing you tube videos I'm sure it take lot of time to do the news research, time to do the video and then edit the video. after that take care of their responsible at home and spent time with there family. which lead me to believe that they may not actually have time to drive or do they pretend to drive.
    To me they are making there money from the hot topic that is uber and not driving for uber. if they were driving, they would be broke like the rest of us. to me that fine that they making money from the hot topic. The thing is don't pretend that you care about driver community of uber.
    just be honest.
    in uber X at $ .90 per mile may work if the rides are long
    distance. in new orleans where I work $.90 per mile make difficult to make money
    because new orleans is small city. uber driver have to work the down town, French quarter, uptown and Metairie.
    all of these areas are short distance. there are days that I put between 12 – 15 hrs to make $ 200.00. The sad thing there thousand of people who are are needy and have to do uber to survive. This is where the condesending peice shit, worthless asshole uber take advantage of people.

  13. First of all, What the What with the retro computer gadgets? Takes me back a few (clears throat) decades. Secondly, Class Act, Randy. Your response to some of these people is pure class. Thank you. I heard what Jermaine had to say. Yes he made some valid points but he did miss the big picture because as usual he was thinking only about himself and his immediate surroundings. When you try to make things better for the masses, one cannot think of themselves. There is a bigger picture. Sure you can still make bank in some markets and in others you get hosed. But to blast the messenger for bringing a truthful message is just not cool. THAT is my issue with Jermaine.

  14. Jermaine I'm ok with but Rideshare Professor….I feel justified in saying what I said on his video about him being a shill and/or stupid trying to downplay the issue.

  15. Got some ideas myself. Seems like people have been doing it wrong. Short term strategies that take even more from the drivers will never work. Don't go after most profitable times, go after the least profitable day of the week, or two days. Just don't work on those days. Of course optional. Post on most popular forums and get as many youtubers as possible to make videos. Call it UberLyft Tuesday or whatever. Then give it time to grow. What y'all think?

  16. yo uberman did you head that a 16 year old girl stabbed an 30 year old uber driver yesterday? Anyways I'm curious to see what you think about it. we obviously know it's wrong and all. but man it honestly makes me scared to drive uber and even drive around (not ubering) with the uber sticker on. I feel like a target