#DeleteUber We Make the Rules – PLEASE WATCH

Want change?? #deleteuber

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  1. All I hear is complaining! You all thought Uber was get rich quick scheme and it's not. It was an opportunity to make $15-20 per hour for a entry level position!! How the hell can Uber pay drivers 5k a month without charging passengers outrageous prices? Think ppl, think! Uber is just an Opportunity not a Guarantee! Location matters! most importantly PERSPECTIVE matters!!

  2. Yesterday I did 1 ride to keep my account active. I went to trip details > fare details and it shows Rider Payment $8.32. My pay $4.22. That's not 80% of the fare. Not even 75%. That's closer to 48% of the fare.
    Drivers check your account after doing a ride. They are ripping you off!! Uninstalled again. #deleteuber

  3. The issue is how do we let everyone know. I feel like making s bumper sticker and drive uber just so the other cars see it and get the point. I have seen people driving gas heavy cars. And you know they are not making it. You can see their frustration

  4. I've seen the pay brake down and a ride that I did the passenger paid $7.63 and I got $3.75 because they charge $1.90 booking fee and an additional 25% from the fair it's a shame that they're allowed to exploit the American working class I think next election I will vote for Bernie

  5. we all have choices in life. even though I'm still active with both platforms, no one is holding a gun to my head to continue to do so. we are all responsible for our choices and subsequent consequences. it doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for their situation, but it was their choice. markets change. it happens all the time. folks must continue to reinvent themselves in this constantly changing world to survive. this is the substance of life.

  6. The Economy is slowing down.I noticed a trend for few weeks already,that UBER is slowing down.It seems customers aren't ordering UBER like before.Even like a year ago was okey.But coming into this Year,I noticed it has slowed down every week that passes by.

  7. People have to realize that before they enter such deals with companies such as ebay or uber that it is their platform.
    Better to start your own business from scratch then invest in someone else when they screw you on a whim.

  8. I was trying to decide between Uber and Lyft but thankfully, I decided to go for Lyft since Uber seems so wrong and evil! It's like that problem child who only knows how to f*ck sh*t up! LOL!

  9. they're so full of s*** I can't wait to quit driving…….uber……and lyft……completely. 2 months left of school and I'm done! Actually already stopped driving for uber, I wish Lyft would raise their rates though

  10. It's horrible to see the contrast between drivers sleeping in their cars on the one hand and companies such as horrible Uber making billions. Of course it's high time drivers united. United you're much more powerful than Uber.

  11. thats me, i actually got hemmoroids for it, but i like the cashout option, n i also got better job so i dont do it as much, after 3 weeks, drove again friday night, n i got the hemoroids back just driving for two days, but i did needed the money now, thats y i did it, n maby thats y ,i still have not deleted app,thx for your shows, ex uber out

  12. I thank you for making this video uberman I totally feel the same for all the drivers that are in trouble financially… true its also my fault for believing there propaganda… bought a new car and quit my job my wife and 2 beautiful girls 5 and 12 depends on me … but the good thing is I can do something about it. lets do this guys #deleteuber together we can make a difference…

  13. In the SF Market, every other car in the city is an Uber. The sign up office is in West lake, 5 minutes from my house. 2 weeks ago, the line was out the door, 30 people deep. When I started, I saw Kids leasing 2014 Mercedes S Classes, The Line them up in front of the Omni Hotel. Those are the guys that probably went Bankrupt. I was going to do that. They were going to charge me 16% , "No Way! I'm pay 0% for 2 years on my Loaded VW! " "OK, 12%.. 12%. It goes down like that just because you say so?
    The sad stories are real. HERE. Folks drive in from Sacramento, Fresno, 100 mile round trip, RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC, 3+ hours one way. They sleep in the Safeway Parking lots or the Marina. A really nice neighborhood by the bridge where I used to live. BTW, Thats where I drive. No pool rides, they don't want anyone else in the car, just going out to dinner. I haven't driven for 10 months. I'm in the Lawsuits, So deleting might affect that?
    The SOLUTIONS I have thought about, for a long time, TNC Driver Companies need to be REGULATED. Just like Taxis. They need a HIRING FREZZE!! That will make all of these fake surges actually REAL. Uber X Drivers will become UBER SELECT. Uber BLACK drivers will start seeing money again. There are only so many cabs allowed on the roads in SF. Every other car can be an Uber!! Really? Our Mayor, Ed Lee, has been on the take for years. Ever since last November, Nobody paying any attention to him anymore. Pressure is off. The Board of Supervisors of SF is Proposing a 5% tax on all TNC Drivers in SF. its supposed to reduce traffic congestion. Do you think Uber is going to pay it? NO WAY. The Drivers will. The $15 dollar rides are now $8, and sinking quickly.. Gas is $3.55 and rising..

  14. They are both screwing their drivers SOOOO much with their uberpool/lyftline program. Both will charge the 2nd passenger a base fee, but the driver will not get any of it. They BOTH just pay the driver the reduced time/distance for however long the trip is and keep the difference in what they charge the passenger