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  1. Posted to the Rideshare Professor's YouTube page post Re: Why NOT to #DELETEUBER

    You obviously don't get it, perhaps because you make so much money off of Goober from referrals, etc as opposed to driving. #DELETEUBER is a movement necessary for several reasons. First, to get the powers that be at Goober to wake up to the ramifications resulting from their vile treatment of those of us who shuttle their Pax around every day for constantly diminishing returns. Second; and while I agree with you that it's wise for us to have a backup, there are numerous other options outside of Goober that we can fall back on, and leaving the app active on our mobile devices will initially be too tempting to go back to should we find the early days of this rather slow. Yes, there will be an initial likely negative impact for many of us from the elimination of Goober as a source of revenue, however this should only be brief…as long as guys like you don't ruin it for those of us who DO drive for a living by thinking of nothing but the unique way in which YOUR business is set-up. With the right balance of impact, resulting in more negative press for Goober (which the media seems to LOVE reporting about), this will move along well. Don't you think Lyft will step up as soon as they smell the blood in the water with a healthy dump of funds into advertising and PR for their brand?
    You claim to be the "Rideshare Professor". This video you posted and the position you're taking on this matter is hardly consistent with your claims to intelligence assumed by your lofty "title". Get with us. It's starting to appear as though you really are on Goober's payroll…

  2. A strike on Uber is a waste of time drivers who do not join will just make more money due to the drivers that are trying to make responsible. You can also quit and never go back but that does not hurt Uber due to the very large pool of drivers joining Uber every day. So in my final analysis Uberman I say Good Luck with taming the Beast that is Uber. Note if I were you I would start my disagreement with Uber by changing you youtube handle too………NOTUbermananymore.

  3. hi randy if we do strike one hour in every morning from 7-8 … i think we will freeze the country …. and we keep doing that until every single driver is not working from 7 to 8 can you imagine that in new york 50,000 drivers are not there and we spread the ward and keep pushing …. one hour would not hurt us as drivers but it would make the nation talk about our problem with uber and lyft if you want to talk to me in privet i am ready

  4. Me and my girlfriend are going to experiment with it ourselves with routes I KNOW Uber will manipulate. We are going to test this with both Uber and Lyft. Can I send you screenshots somewhere?
    Please upvote this, we both drive and we both can theoretically test this with very little variables like traffic. We just want to know if we can be seen because we don't want to spend our money and time to try to get at much proof on this as humanly possible.

  5. #DeleteUber – I have!
    I have driven for Uber for over 2 years – but I have not agreed to the new TOS – and likely will not. I have deleted all my uber apps. Was anticipating a good weekend for Memorial Day weekend in Indy – but I don't want to agree to the new TOS.

  6. problem is not all can leave to go to Lyft. here Vegas they have age requirements on vehicles Uber 2001 Lyft 2009. so where not rich to buy new vehicles. There are more Uber than Lyft.

  7. Randy, please push this as well. The combination of deleting Uber and negotiating the terms of specific increase will be very successful together. Thank you. Let's show Travis and Uber that we DO have the ability to collaborate. #DeleteUber


  8. Randy
    I have a ride fare with the new earnings breakdown
    Also I asked uber support for the old breakdown
    What I found is that uber took showed a lower uber fee in the web earnings screen. Also saying rider paid only a flat cost if 56.00
    Alternately with the old gross fare breakdown that I request after 3 tries to get from uber CSR.
    CSR showed a higher rider gross fare 0of $56.85 with the old breakdown
    I have a couple screenshots showing the difference in uber fee was less by $0.85
    Under the new earnings

  9. in the middle east especially Gulf oil rich countries like Kuwait drivers, maids, waiters, and other minimum wage foreign workers are treated like slaves and get paid unfairly even if they worked longer hours they still get paid the same amount. Uber is nothing compared to the inhumanity of Gulf Arab nations stop this bullshit #deleteuber

  10. Randy, you do realize uber cut the per minute rate?? So our 5 cent raise isn't a raise and then with that 4 cents per mile insurance garbage…well hmmm if someone took it you are now losing 4 cents per mile. XL per min used to be 18 cents and it is now less than 13 cents a mile

  11. Something else I've noticed.
    In some states like VA and NC there is a state law that says you can't drive more than 13 hrs (in VA) in a certain period of time. The Lyft app will block drivers for either 5 or 7 hours (don't recall) before they can log back in. The last I checked, Uber doesn't.

  12. I would also encourage everyone that got fucked over by uber to write a letter to the white house. let your president know how you feel. tell them your story.

    every American is important never feel that your voice doesn't count or that no one is listening.

    God bless you all.
    godspeed !!

  13. Randy God bless you brother. the only way to take them down is in a court of law. everyone that got fucked over by uber please sign the class action. there's enough information to put some of these executives like Travis in prison for money laundering and other illegal things.