Delivery Driver Ratings

How do Amazon Flex Driver Ratings affect the drivers??? I would like to know and understand if Driver Ratings, GOOD Driver Ratings, earn you more reserved blocks…

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  1. The emails you are receiving are the norm and yes, missing blocks, missing packages and late deliveries are the main things to watch for. You can forfeit a block and it won't be counted against you as long as it is within the timeframe allowed for forfeiture (45 mins before your block starts). If you arrive at a location and the customer hasn't given you what you need to access the bldg, gate codes etc, mark it undeliverable and move on to your next stop. That is valuable time and something like that can easily make the rest of your deliveries late. Also, if you mark it undeliverable and you complete the rest of your deliveries before your block ends, you can always attempt to redeliver – but only if that second attempt won't make it late, otherwise just take it back. To answer your other question, your ratings and availability determine the number of reserves you are offered. Just follow the rules. You have done well with the other gigs and you will do well with this one too.

  2. Well having worked as employee for Amazon in both warehouse and customer service from home amazon is very time driven and tracking to time in delivery ,,,those stats are given and it should be taken seriously because if any of those numbers are below amazon will put account under review my friend started amazon last week and she went to pick up her orders at Bolton but did not check in and had one missed delivery I try tell her go back and tell them what happen but she simply left now her account was suspended that after one missed delivery …you get packages based on delivery availability so If you want regular deliveries you basically have be available like all day and be close to location

  3. I do all the apps you do as well. You have a very hard work ethic and it shows, but many people don't have that. I'm here in California and I have heard of people getting fired for using auto clickers. Just to obtain their blocks. I have also heard of people getting fired for a high number of late delivers and for late forfeits.