Delivery Driver Writes Down their Numbers? We back in 1985😂#doordash #finance #comedy #money


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  1. Uber keeps track of how many miles you drove with the app active and autopopulates it to your form on turbo tax. My uber app is on the whole time I work so I report slightly less than that. Been 3 years now with no problems. They are not going to send an IRS agent to your home to check your logs on the 25k you made door dashing last year.

  2. I do this with a planner but kinda on a weekly and monthly goal like plan…. I keep sticky notes and a pen in my waitress apron I use for deliveries to keep daily notes….. the book in video looks cool…. it's missing weather logs though…. it's a basic manager log…. love it ❤

  3. I keep a simple Excel spreadsheet with earnings for each app per day, the total daily earnings, expenses (gas oil etc) my net total, mileage and the monthly % expenses were of my earnings. I did payroll/accounting for 35 years and I get it. I can't live without spreadsheets.😂