Did I really clear my Grubhub schedule?? OH YES I DID!!!!

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  1. same for me. when i started was making average 15-20 per hour now after 2 months down to 9-12 per hour… going to stop scheduling and just go online with multiple apps including grubhub not scheduled.

  2. I take the morning shifts when it's slow. Don't bother me getting paid not doing a thing. I have taken 4 hour block the past 3 days in a row. Not a single order. I have made $156 bucks. I do security at night and during the morning I go on duty with Grubhub and go back to bed while I wait for orders. lol I literally make money in my sleep.


  3. Have you watch my video about being kicked off with GH!!!!!!!! I was a faithful delivery driver and I even did they referral program and passed out those 500 cards and was to get paid 10 dollars per referral . I found it very strange that out of 500 cards they gave me I only got 10 !!! Atlanta market had three driver support manager in a couple of months and there was no annoucement of change, Another change is that there was a change from people customer service first the customer service rep were in Chicago and now if they call its a Boston MA number..I dont talking about Driver Suppport in Chicago…I dont think it about not having enough driver or too many drivers I think that lot of restaurants decided to not sign up for many companies and a lot of them cancelled the account with GH Uber Eats and Door Dash. I was told that the fees that many of these companies charge restaurants are too high and that what happen…

  4. Uber eats now has 0 boost options. Don't know if I don't qualify? GH might be losing business to DD and PM. It's been pretty slow.. PM is where money is at. GH is behind the curve imho. Worst case just double dip GH with UE. Make $9 an hour and like $15 from UE in 3 hours. So $42 in 3 hours.