Digging for gold! Persistence pays when it comes to Lyft $60+/hr rideshare dreams. You can do it!

Unbelievable example of how you got to keep going and keep working to make that money sometimes. I hope you enjoy watching. I hope it brings inspiration and helps those who are thinking about giving up. There really is potential out there for making money. You just got to keep digging!

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  1. Sucks about that belligerent passenger. I stall and grab the cancel fees when a passenger tries to beat the system in unsafe ways like packing the car. They know the law lol. I always hit up support with a quick "hey this passenger tried to pack the vehicle" and they always confirm the fee right away. Typically i'll catch prime time with the next ride i get if its a busy weekend night.

    Keep pushing man!

  2. I love your videos! Thanks for helping us noobs. I've lived in Phoenix all my life, and am happy to to help you assimilate any way that I can when you get here. Good luck, and welcome to Arizona!!

  3. i had the same kind of drunk rider who couldnt stop bitching about my camera. He bitched for 15 minutes long. These idiots should know better than to distract the driver. People who dont concentrate on the road get into accidents and some die. You seem pretty laid back though it probably doesnt affect you very much.

  4. AppDrivenGuy just keep digging4gold. I use to be a golf caddy for 32 years. many of days spent sitting on the bricks waiting for a loop, and everybody has bailed out, and then a great whiskey loop comes in. Whiskey loop starts at 1st hole then cuts back to the 14th through 18th. $100 quick 90 minutes. But that one day a member and his guest showed up, Mr member and Bob Woodward (deep throat watergate). Woodward had borrowed clubs and street shoes. Bob shot 2 over par and he hadn't played in 3yrs. After we're done Mr member paid me $100 and then Bob slipped me another $100, so I asked for his autograph. The point of this story Just Keep Digging 4 Gold. Check your email.