Does Uber Run a Background Check on Drivers Every Year?

Does Uber do background checks on its drivers every year? It actually depends, and it depends on what state you’re in. Here’s what you need to know about background checks and Uber.

Background check requirement info from Uber here:

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  1. is it normal for two background checks in less than a month ? no tickets etc I keep getting emails checked status nothing was found do I need to upload something not sure what's going on thank you if you could help.

  2. I do have Lyft as a backup. Is there an amount of time I need to drive with them to remain active? I'd hate to need them and have them not be there… I drive Uber only, so far, but am a pretty new driver active on both platforms (in San Diego).

  3. same goes with car documents (registrations). I procrastinated and paid online until the last minute then uploaded the confirmation page from dmv. uber won't accept it and I have to wait until I recieve actual registration from the mail. uber won't even accept any receipt or letter from dmv. i got deactivated for 3 weeks. lesson hard learned.